How I got my Article Read by 500,000 Subscribers!

Written by David McKenzie

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But thatís not all it gave me.

With this additional traffic it gave merepparttar opportunity of making extra sales. Thatís precisely what happened Ė lots more sales.

Also, becauserepparttar 125108 traffic was targetedrepparttar 125109 conversion ratio of that traffic to sales was that much higher. Targeted traffic leads to a greater percentage of visitors buying your product or service.

Just by writing that article and having a large subscriber base newsletter featuring it meant extra sales for me.

So while others are struggling with search engine rankings, or worse still, PAYING for their traffic, I am happy to stick to this powerful traffic generating system: Writing Articles.

If you want lots of targeted, free traffic then write some articles on your chosen subject and submit them torepparttar 125110 article resource sites.

Maybe a newsletter with over 500,000 subscribers will feature YOUR article!

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Are You Using The Four Letter Word?

Written by Michael Hopkins

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The ebook must be more than just a blatant ad for your product or service. This could damage your reputation rather than enhance it. Keep your self-promotion present without being 'in your face'.

The content of your book must be useful and relevant to your target market. There's no point in giving away a FREE ebook that contains Internet marketing articles written by other people, if you're promoting guitar lessons. You'd be much better off doing a bit of research online and creating a short ebook onrepparttar history of guitar playing. After all,repparttar 125107 primary aim ofrepparttar 125108 FREE ebook is to build your reputation inrepparttar 125109 eyes of potential customers.

Encourage other webmasters/e-zine publishers to freely distribute your book to their visitors/readers. Be sure to state this clearly insiderepparttar 125110 book and anywhere you makerepparttar 125111 book available for download.

Offer to create customized versions ofrepparttar 125112 ebook for those webmasters who want it. For example, you could place an ad forrepparttar 125113 webmaster's site onrepparttar 125114 cover page. This will encourage him/her to work harder at giving it away, thus spreading your message to more people.

Promote your FREE ebook by listing it on shareware sites and in ebook directories as well as on your own website and e-zine.

So, get busy. Ask yourself what it is that your target market is interested in. Make a book that feeds that interest and then start giving it away!

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