How I got a Robot to Vacuum the House

Written by By Donald Grummett

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These little whirling dervishes ofrepparttar vacuum world can even deal with obstacles such as stairs, thresholds, and transitions between different flooring materials. When it encountersrepparttar 137497 top of a staircase it will come right torepparttar 137498 edge, stop for a few seconds, make a reverse turn, and go off in another direction.

Since purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner I have gone from vacuuming once a week to every couple of days. The results ofrepparttar 137499 increased cleaning frequency are quite visible. This little machine has putrepparttar 137500 shine back into my carpets.

The only disadvantages I have found are minor. For instance, repparttar 137501 dust storage bin is small. The bin should be emptied after every few uses to prevent it from becoming full. Also repparttar 137502 power brush can become clogged with small bits of debris. This is easily corrected though by disassemblingrepparttar 137503 brush and cleaningrepparttar 137504 bristles. Roomba even provides a special comb for this job. It works quite well.

So, if like me you haterepparttar 137505 thought of getting outrepparttar 137506 vacuum and pushing it aroundrepparttar 137507 room, then consider a robot vacuum cleaner to help you with this chore.

Ladies, do you know statistics show that 85% of household chores are done by women. So, if you ever want to get a man to “do” (initiate may be a better term)repparttar 137508 vacuuming then perhaps consider introducing him to a robot vacuum cleaner. The first few times I used mine I sat for hours watching it operate. I was utterly fascinated by how it traversedrepparttar 137509 labyrinth of my main floor living areas. Torepparttar 137510 extent that I could hardly wait for it to recharge so that I could start it up again.

Here is an interesting idea. Since all men like gadgets, “ Why not get Dad one for fathers day ”. That way he won’t have any excuse for not being involved withrepparttar 137511 vacuuming. Besides, It will pay him back forrepparttar 137512 toaster he got you for your birthday last year.

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How to Control Mice Without Poison

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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Store bulk foods in sealed glass, metal or hard plastic containers. Stack bagged or boxed food in neat rows on shelves or cupboards in a way that allows for thorough inspection for evidence of mice. In storage areas, keep stored materials away from walls. Sweep floors frequently to detect fresh mouse droppings.

Always clean up after eating. Do not invite mice by leaving food items or crumbs out overnight.

Seal all holes and openings larger than 1/4 inch across. A mouse can crawl through a holerepparttar size of a dime. Use steel wool or cement to seal, screen or cover all holes intorepparttar 137288 house. Place 3 inches of gravel aroundrepparttar 137289 base of homes or trailers. Enclose foundations of permanent houses with metal roof flashing buried 6 inches deep and rising 12 inches aboverepparttar 137290 ground. Mice can jump 12 inches onto a solid surface. Fill gaps around pipes. Fix loose fitting doors. Close openings around chimneys, damaged house siding, broken windows and screens.

Inside, get rid of clutter in basements, storage rooms, sheds, carports, and garages. Remove padded cushions from sofas and chairs, and store them on edge or separate them from one another, offrepparttar 137291 floor. Remove drawers in empty cupboards or chests and place them on sides.

Outside remove piles of trash, junk and lumber. Keep woodpiles more than 12 inches aboverepparttar 137292 ground. Keep covers on trash cans and dumpsters. Eliminate weeds and other vegetative cover as well as debris and litter in and around homes, buildings, crops, lawns and other cultivated areas. Lawns should be mowed regularly.

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