How I Sell 1 in 30 That Visit My Site!

Written by Grady Smith

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3) A Call To Action

“Order Now” is referred to as a call to action. Basically, it instructsrepparttar reader to take action now.

Ever notice on late night infomercials that every one of them has a phrase flashing onrepparttar 127469 bottom ofrepparttar 127470 screen that says “Call Now”! It’s a call to action. Marketers know that you have to tell most customers what to do. Not that they’re stupid, or can’t figure it out, but people need to be told what to do. And it’s a marketing secret that sells millions of dollars in products each year.

4) A Strong Reason To Order Now

Someone that’s reading your sales letter isrepparttar 127471 most excited they’ll ever be about your product at that exact moment. Chances are they’ll never read your sales letter again. So, it’s imperative to reduce their urge to procrastinate and closerepparttar 127472 sale immediately.

Do this by showing that it will cost them if they don’t order now. “When you order today you’ll get over $600 in FREE bonuses! But you must order now, as this offer won’t last”!

Letrepparttar 127473 customer know that you could be offering different bonuses tomorrow, or maybe none at all. Mayberepparttar 127474 price will increase. Again, they have to order now or they might lose out.

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Written by Lisa Hochanadel

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Have friends give you feedback on why they wouldn't buy. Take this information and askrepparttar questions that so few ask. Where did I miss it? How can I better convince them that they will benefit from my offer? Do that week in and week out and in no time you'll have a site that sells like crazy.


People want to know it’s been done before. Few will risk their time and money without knowing that what they hope will happen for them has happened for others. Your job is to both challenge them and comfort them. They need to hear from you that they won't lose out by doing what you want them to do. Examine yourself to make sure that in addition to encouraging people to act you let them know they won't be hurt by their action.

The Net is a great place to do business. When we were selling face to face (or even onrepparttar 127468 phone) we could use facial expressions and tone of voice to make our point. Now most of our business is done through words. Be sure thatrepparttar 127469 words you choose communicate that they will gain, they will not lose. Do that and you build relationships that will pay you handsomely for years to come.

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