How I Made $68,000 Teaching E-Classes (Or, What I Learned From Wanting A Z3)

Written by Joe Vitale

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At this point I had been thinking about writing a sequel to my best-selling e-book, "Hypnotic Writing." But I didn't want to write it and hope it would sell. I wanted *paid* to write it.

So I created yet another e-class. This one would be on "Advanced Hypnotic Writing." It would be three weeks long, rather than five, because I wanted to take it easy this time around. (I was getting lazy.) I still charged $1,500 and I still went after 15 people. I then announcedrepparttar class to my email list.

Here's where something wild happened:

Almost 18 people immediately signed-up forrepparttar 117942 class. But when I asked them to payrepparttar 117943 $1,500 fee, every single one of them said they thoughtrepparttar 117944 class was free! I was stunned.

I re-read my invite. It clearly said there was a hefty fee. All I can figure is that people skimmedrepparttar 117945 letter, got excited, and just shot back emails to enroll inrepparttar 117946 class. Or maybe they readrepparttar 117947 word "fee" as "free." Go figure.

But that's notrepparttar 117948 only odd thing that happened with this class: I had trouble filling it from my own elist. So I went and asked a person with a giant email list if he would promote my class to his people. He would---for fifty percent ofrepparttar 117949 pie. Yowsa! That was a lot, but I wanted to get paid to write my sequel to "Hypnotic Writing," and I'd still end up with good money, anyway. So I agreed.

Well, twenty people signed up. Andrepparttar 117950 really oddly wonderful thing is that no one---no one!---did their assignments. So I got their money (half of it, anyway: $15,000), I got paid to write my "Advanced Hypnotic Writing" ebook, and I had no homework to review or grade. What a cool business!

Most recently, I announced yet another e-class. I was about to buy a large country estate and wanted more money fast. This new class is on my new proprietary marketing formula, called "Guaranteed Outcome Marketing." I raisedrepparttar 117951 price on this 5-week e-class to signal its value. I asked for $2,500 a person. Since I normally charge $25,000 to create a Guaranteed Outcome Marketing strategy for someone, asking for only $2,500 to teach someone how to do it seemed very fair.

I loweredrepparttar 117952 class size because I wanted to be sure to give each student personal attention. I promoted this class to only my own email list. I got five students. Which meant I raised $12,500. Not bad for a month's "work."

And yes, I boughtrepparttar 117953 country estate. I'm writing this article from it.

The moral here? There are several:

1. Intention rules: You can float withrepparttar 117954 circumstances life brings you or you can create you own direction and your own circumstances. It begins with a decision. What do you want? Decide. Choose. Declare.

2. Breakrepparttar 117955 model: Just because others are selling their services for a song doesn't mean you have to, as well. Respect yourself. What are you worth?

3. Go for something other than money: Wanting my Z3 caused my mind to stretch in new ways to raiserepparttar 117956 money needed to getrepparttar 117957 car. If I were just going after money for money's sake, I might not think so boldly in my ideas or my pricing. What do you REALLY want?

4. You can do this, too. Just look at what you know that others would pay you to learn. Then turn it into an e-class, complete with lessons and assignments. Afterrepparttar 117958 class is over, you might even compilerepparttar 117959 material into a book. Or a tapeset. Or--? Think big! What would you teach if you had no fears?

5. The spiritual is not separate fromrepparttar 117960 material. Since I've focused on money in this article, it may be easy to declare my focus was only onrepparttar 117961 dollar. Not so. I used spiritual principles---as outlined in my new book---to create wealth. Once you realize thatrepparttar 117962 spiritual and material are two sides ofrepparttar 117963 same coin, you are free to have happiness as well as cash. As it says onrepparttar 117964 dollar bill in your pocket, "In God we trust." Do you trust?

Finally, yes, I got my Z3. It's a 1999 Montreal Blue stunning piece of rolling beauty. I've never had so much fun in my life driving. In fact, I think I'll aim it up and down some Texas country roads right now...

Joe Vitale, regarded as one of the world's most powerful copywriters, is a best-selling author of numerous marketing books and courses. His tremendously successful "Hypnotic Writing" e-book is now succeeded by "Advanced Hypnotic Writing," a breakthrough book that reveals how to use the phenomenon of hypnotic suggestion to turn your words into cash.

Direct Talk On What It Takes to Succeed

Written by Joe Bingham

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>From here on out, focus onrepparttar specific information you need and avoidrepparttar 117941 generalizing products. That one paragraph above IS your basic information as to what it takes to succeed.

Look at it again. Memorize it. Hang it up onrepparttar 117942 wall with my picture and throw darts at me if you want, but read it every time you removerepparttar 117943 darts from my forehead.

I know it sounds simple, maybe even too simple, but that's half ofrepparttar 117944 point. People looking for instant wealth still skip right over those simple basic concepts.

After you've read it for a while, break it down into two parts. One part is what I've touched on earlier in this 'Direct Talk' series,repparttar 117945 product. It must have a unique value in some way.

The other part to that statement is YOU. Time, effort, work, commitment and persistence are all qualities ofrepparttar 117946 business man or woman, NOTrepparttar 117947 business. The business only portrays whatrepparttar 117948 business owner lives.

You CAN create a successful Internet business. You CAN make money from home. You CAN be independent and create your own personal wealth. However, it will not happen to you. You have to MAKE it happen for yourself.

My business will be around because I WILL be there to make it work. You've got to dorepparttar 117949 same for yourself.

Joe Bingham, Owner of

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