How I Host My New eBook Domains For FREE!

Written by Michael Hopkins

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So,repparttar first step I took was to set up a new sub-domain (I called it Next I designedrepparttar 108485 website and published it to this address.

Then, I went along to and boughtrepparttar 108486 domain name for $8.97. The reason I bought it at DNbuy is because they offer a whole range of domain name services completely free (domain parking, URL re-direction, e-mail re-direction, etc.).

Once I hadrepparttar 108487 domain name, it took me just a couple of minutes (viarepparttar 108488 DNbuy website) to set uprepparttar 108489 new domain name to point (or re-direct) torepparttar 108490 sub-domain I'd just created (

I'm even able to 'cloak'repparttar 108491 address shown onrepparttar 108492 browser's address bar, so that, even though people are surfing on what shows up on repparttar 108493 address bar is

Finally, DNbuy even re-directs my e-mails for free. This enables me to create new addresses (like and have any messages that are sent to these addresses re-directed to my regular e-mail address inbox.

And that's it! A brand new website -- hosted and all -- for less than $10.

Now there's no excuse not to create sales-focused mini-websites for ALL your ebooks!

Michael Hopkins is owner of BizzyDays eBook Publications. Download Brand New Original eBooks for FREE at: Download The eBook Publishing Success Package at: http://selfpublishing-ebooks.htm

Steal My E-books...Please!

Written by Wayne Perkins

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Whenrepparttar potential thief steals my files and posts my stage hypnosis lessons for free overrepparttar 108484 Internet, I stand to make a great deal of money fromrepparttar 108485 seeded affiliate links.

Sincerepparttar 108486 files are just ASCII text files delivered by autoresponder, I stand a great chance of enhancing my income from any e-book thief.

3. Discover a New Sales Network for Your E-books

If you have marketed successfully onrepparttar 108487 Internet, you realize that no matter where you stand inrepparttar 108488 search engine standings, you still need high traffic websites linking over to your website.

In order forrepparttar 108489 "thief" to be successful in posting your e-book on- line and selling it or giving it away for free,repparttar 108490 thief must have a large network as well.

An easy way of findingrepparttar 108491 thief's network is for you to conduct a "link search" onrepparttar 108492 thief's website. (This can be executed on

Within a few seconds you have discovered websites that are "pointing" atrepparttar 108493 thief's website.

Once you have discoveredrepparttar 108494 Thief's network, you can submit your articles and free content in return for links over to your product description page on your website.

After all,repparttar 108495 thief's network has already proven interested in what you write. They are encouraging others to view your purloined document.


Think aboutrepparttar 108496 advantages and opportunities you can create by having your E-books and digital content stolen.

Once you realize that within minutes you can acquire consulting clients, ignite cluster bombs filled with money, and discover new networks of business opportunities, you too will be saying..."Steal My E-books...Please"

Wayne Perkins is the best selling author of "A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing E-books" and offers special consulting by phone.

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