How I Host My New DOT-COM Domains For Free!

Written by Michael Hopkins

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So,repparttar first step I took was to set up a new sub-domain (I called it Next I designedrepparttar 134422 website and published it to this address.

Then, I went along to and boughtrepparttar 134423 domain name for $8.97. The reason I bought it at DNbuy is because they offer a whole range of domain name services completely free (domain parking, URL re-direction, e-mail re-direction, etc.).

Once I hadrepparttar 134424 domain name, it took me just a couple of minutes (viarepparttar 134425 DNbuy website) to set uprepparttar 134426 new domain name to point (or re-direct) torepparttar 134427 sub-domain I'd just created (

I'm even able to 'cloak'repparttar 134428 address shown onrepparttar 134429 browser's address bar, so that, even though people are surfing on what shows up on repparttar 134430 address bar is

Finally, DNbuy even re-directs my e-mails for free. This enables me to create new addresses (like and have any messages that are sent to these addresses re-directed to my regular e-mail address inbox.

And that's it! A brand new website -- hosted and all -- for less than $10.

Now there's no excuse not to create sales-focused mini-websites for ALL your products!

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How to Analyze Your Web Site Traffic (Part 3)

Written by Herman Drost

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It presents data, detailed and in-depth, in an organized and concise tabular format with full-color graphs.

This Log Analyzer is priced at $495 and is licensed for a single web server hosting content with a maximum of 50 domains.

Here's a sample ofrepparttar web usage statistics: WAS_LA_Complete/complete.HTM

Conclusion: Web traffic statistics provide very valuable information about your web site. You can make better marketing decisions through them telling you:

Which Web pages are most popular and which are least used. Who is visiting your Web site. Which Web browsers to optimize your Web pages for. Which Web search engines are most useful to you, and which arerepparttar 134421 least useful. Where errors or bad links may be occurring in your Web pages.

By analyzing your web traffic, you can determine what marketing strategies are successful. You can then change them as necessary, to boostrepparttar 134422 sales or services from your site.

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