How I Couldn't Sell Noah A Lifeboat.....If The Ark Was Full Of Holes

Written by Dave Cole

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And if so, you can be a success in network marketing.

Can you follow a proven plan?

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

I can give you that. I can give you thousands upon thousands of free leads. I can teach you how to build a business. I can teach you how to teach others to build a business.

What I cannot do is make you or force you to do it.

Some folks think network marketing is a lot of work.

I have fun doing it. Is having fun work? Every person I talk to about becoming a distributor with our team, I always ask them, "Don't do this unless you think you can have fun with it."

No fun = work

If your business is work, perhaps you might want to re-consider what you are doing.

If you dread making those calls or contacts, if you constantly have to force yourself to dorepparttar things necessary to build a business, then that doesn't sound like much fun to me....and it doesn't sound like you'll likely last long in that opportunity either.

Network marketing does take two things: 1. A Desire 2. A Passion

Network marketing is about Stretching - Stretching yourself to be more than you ever thought possible.

Can you use your imagination?

Network marketing is about:

Who you want to become. What level of financial freedom you desire to obtain. What you really want to do with your life.

Today's challenge is:

A. Are you ready to learn some new concepts of what being a network marketing professional really is all about?

B. Are you ready to BE all that you Really Can BE?

C. Are you ready to DO something about it?

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Why MLM Works for Me!

Written by Glen Palo

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To expand my business and make MLM work for me, I needed to find other successful business people or business-minded, entrepreneurial people. The kind of people I want as business partners. I believe successful businesses arerepparttar result of people sharing a common vision forrepparttar 122569 future, achievingrepparttar 122570 goals of putting quality products and services intorepparttar 122571 hands ofrepparttar 122572 consumer. Ideally,repparttar 122573 achievement of business goals results in achieving personal goals such as creating wealth, creating family security or simply controlling one's own destiny.

My advice to people building MLM businesses is to look for like-minded business people. Leave Mr. or Mrs. "Average" at home onrepparttar 122574 couch watching Jerry Springer. Likerepparttar 122575 old cliche, don't try to teach a pig to sing. It makesrepparttar 122576 pig mad and frustrates you. Or to use another cliche, you won't winrepparttar 122577 race to success if you have to drag your deadweight brother-in-law overrepparttar 122578 finish line.

MLM can work for you too.

Glen Palo is a successful small business owner, business consultant, tax professional and webmaster of Achieve USA Gateway to Home Business Success ( A strong believer in mentoring and teaching others how to teach, Glen has limited number of private franchising offers remaining. For more info please send an email to:

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