How Google Indexes Content From Your Web Directory

Written by Martin Lemieux

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1) Your alphabetical solution is probably necessary but instead, you should add it a little lower below some more important page specific content.

2) No matter where you add your ABC's, search engines will find them anyway.

3) You don't want 10,000 pages to be indexed with a description that goes... abcdefg...

The Solution:

If you own a directory and you are faced with this problem, let's get our development hats on and switch a couple of things around. Try addingrepparttar main "topic" description torepparttar 141414 top of your main body of content and create this description within one of these tags: H1,H2,H3,H4, etc.

2nd: Once you have your main title description, try adding more related content to that specific page within "bold tags" BEFORE you add your alphabetical solution. At least this way, when search engines browse through your massive web directory, they do not leave thinking that you like singingrepparttar 141415 alphabets.

One Last Thing:

If you are seriously targeting specific local markets onrepparttar 141416 web, try addingrepparttar 141417 city, province/state, & country! Being in Canada, we are faced with many brick walls when it comes to promoting certain cities.

Perfect example of this is my home town of "Hamilton, Ontario, Canada". If you don't promote this city properly, you might actually be targeting people from "Hamilton, Ontario, California" ! ! ! Did you say ouch??? As you can see, this can be easily mistaken by many visitors coming to your web directory and probably won't help your conversion rate whatsoever.

Making sure that you targetrepparttar 141418 right industries andrepparttar 141419 right locations could be crucial forrepparttar 141420 success of your web directory.

I hope this article helps you out!


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So, Where Has Your Search Engine Been Today?

Written by Ajeet Khurana

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Can Human Selected Search Results Beat Algorithm Selected Search Results? Tough to say, but you can look for yourself. Comparerepparttar Google results for Hair Removal and my selected results for Hair Removal. There is some overlap, butrepparttar 141215 results that I display are a result of my personal visit torepparttar 141216 listed pages.

Conclusions As search engines become better and faster, there is a need for a human touch to search results. In this constant struggle between spammy (scammy?) search engine optimizers and search engine engineers,repparttar 141217 searcher can berepparttar 141218 victim.

Ajeet Khurana is a search engine enthusiast and the founder of the Human Search Engine.

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