How Do You Qualify A Sales Prospect?

Written by Barrett Niehus

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An effective example of this technique is to include a one dollar bill, golf balls, or some other bit of marketing paraphernalia withrepparttar survey. Anything that would makerepparttar 127398 prospect feel guilty if they do not completerepparttar 127399 form. The other technique is to offer a free membership. Product, or tool whenrepparttar 127400 survey is returned.

Finally,repparttar 127401 format ofrepparttar 127402 questionnaire should be not appear to be too invasive onrepparttar 127403 prospect's privacy. It should have questions that can easily be answered, and create more interest in your product. Remember,repparttar 127404 intent ofrepparttar 127405 survey is to qualifyrepparttar 127406 prospect, not uncover their deepest driving need. Some ofrepparttar 127407 most effective formats used presentrepparttar 127408 questionnaire as a marketing survey. Marketing surveys giverepparttar 127409 prospectrepparttar 127410 impression that they are helping your company, without giving information that could be used against them.

The direct mail questionnaire is an effective tool to make initial contact with your prospect and gather essential data inrepparttar 127411 qualification process. From that point, personal contact can be used to establish rapport, further introduce your product, and finally, closerepparttar 127412 sale.


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Burn Your Boat!

Written by John Boe

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There is a great deal of power and wisdom in whatrepparttar ancient Greeks understood. In your sales career you are not asked to commit to battle, but make no mistake, commitment is required. Your battles are not fought on enemy shores but withinrepparttar 127397 confines of your own mind. There is a need to commit to self and to career. Until you have maderepparttar 127398 decision to be fully committed, there is hesitancy andrepparttar 127399 opportunity to draw back. The moment one defiantly commits oneself, magical things happen. The true underlying motivation for all success is a deep and unwavering commitment torepparttar 127400 task at hand. If you are being pushed around mentally by thoughts of fear, anxiety and worry, it’s time to “burn your boat” and become fully committed to your sales career.

John Boe, based in Monterey, CA, helps companies recruit, train and motivate top quality people. To view his online Video Demo or to have John Boe speak at your next event, visit or call (831) 375-3668

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