How Do You Make Your Harley Davidson Look And Feel Like An Extension Of Yourself!

Written by Keith Nivon

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Are you a speed demon that likes to lay rubber onrepparttar road every now and then. Do you get a kick out of doing a little showing off at bike rallies to friends and family? Do you like to participate in show and shine contests? If you are this person you may want to look at getting your engine rebuilt for increased horsepower. You can't go wrong with a lot of Harley chrome either. Just when you think you have had enough of chrome, you find some more in that catalog. Don't worry, there is a chrome Harley Davidson motorcycle built to date. Your style may be a little more subdued. Your main motorcycling purpose in life may be riderepparttar 102693 road and not waste time with anything else. You would have to agree, most people still want to look good riding a Harley. If you are this person you may only want one or two Accessories. A nice luggage bag that slips over that backrest on your bike looks good when you are on a long trip and it serves a purpose. Every Harley Davidson owner at some time or another has thought about adding an accessory to his or her motorcycle. You rarely see a stock Harley Davidson! Keep in mindrepparttar 102694 kind of person you are when making Harley Davidson Accessory choices. A properly customized Harley is above all else, an extension ofrepparttar 102695 owner who rides it.

Keith Nivon is an avid Harley Davidson Motorcycle Enthusiast! His website contains information on all things Harley Davidson. is a great article resource for anyone who shares a passion for Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Practical realities of Custom Bike Building

Written by Lala C. Ballatan

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• Don’t be discouraged easily byrepparttar "real life" assembly roadblocks you'll encounter. Evenrepparttar 102692 professionals have to deal with these things at one point of their bike building careers. • There’s a correct procedure for each phase of your project – like "mocking up" your rolling chassis and properly fitting and prepping all of your sheet metal parts. This phase may cost you thousands of dollars if done incorrectly. • Research some tricks for installing front fork components that prevents damage to your show chrome finishes! • There’s a correct way to prepare allrepparttar 102693 parts that are being sent out for paint. • Installing brake systems are important and it would help if you have an idea on what do and what not to do. There’s also a proper way to install all of your brake and oil lines. • Know about setting uprepparttar 102694 proper engine and transmission alignment. And, how to be careful not to drive it too hard when installing and setting up a rear swing arm and shocks! • Installing a correct wiring system is a significant thing that should not be overlooked. • You must be aware that there is a correct series of tests that must be performed before running your new bike downrepparttar 102695 road. -30-

Lala C. Ballatan is a 26 year-old Communication Arts graduate. Book reading has always been her greatest passion -- mysteries, horrors, psycho-thrillers, historical documentaries and classics.

Her writing prowess began as early as she was 10 years old in girlish diaries. With writing, she felt freedom – to express her viewpoints and assert it, to bring out all concerns -- imagined and observed, to bear witness.

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