How Do You Feel About Cell Phone Abuse?

Written by Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach

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Apparently not much is personal any more. I donít know about you, but I resent hearing that tinny William Tell Overture while Iím watching a movie. Last year a New York City Councilman introduced legislation to penalize anyone making or taking a call during an indoor performance. Pending Ö they couldnít figure out how to enforce it.

How about working throughrepparttar pocketbook? The last concert I attended,repparttar 125541 people behind me were drunk and disorderly. The manager said she couldnít do anything about it. I demanded a refund. She then seated us elsewhere, but our pleasant evening had become a major stressor. I told her I wouldnít be back until they figured out ďsomething to doĒ.

Apparently people are taking and making calls during funerals. Is nothing sacred any more?

Iím torn because I enjoy being connected with loved ones via cell phone, and Iím on-call to my coaching clients. Iím all for using it to makerepparttar 125542 cold cruel world less so, but why not find a quiet, private place?

Are we doing this to look important and get attention? If you are, thatís not how you appear. We perceive you in one of three ways --

∑Either you canít function alone and need a constant umbilical cord ∑Your self-esteem is so low youíre desperate for attention. ∑You are rude, egotistical, and have no social consciousness.

If you do have to take a phone call in public, you should be apologetic about it, not proud.

Here are some common-decency suggestions for use ofrepparttar 125543 cell phone:

1.By all means userepparttar 125544 phone for essential business Ė this means torepparttar 125545 point and brief. 2.Maintain a distance of at least 10í from others, lower your voice, turn away, act like youíre doing something private BECAUSE YOU ARE. 3.Valuerepparttar 125546 real people in your presence overrepparttar 125547 cell phone. It is RUDE to take a phone call when youíre with someone else, with few exceptions. 4.Doctors and expectant-fathers have emergencies; you, rarely. 5.Get some balance in your life. If you canít take time off to enjoy a play or visit an art museum without taking phone calls, what are you doing to yourself? 6.Understand that we think youíre rude and egotistical when you violate common decency. 7. Get a quiet ringer or vibrating cell. 8.Donít give your cell number to everyone. 9.Let other people know you expect to userepparttar 125548 phone with etiquette.

You know how it goes Ė when a few people donít behave right, rules and laws follow, and then everyone gets penalized. Work for quiet, no-phone zones, but most of all, enforce your own and maybe we can avoid massive legislation.

It would be a shame not to be able to use your cell phone in a public place in case of a real emergency, and this is where weíre headed, folks.

Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach, offers personal and executive coaching, Internet courses, and business programs in emotional intelligence. Visit her on the web at and .

How Can Long Distance Be So Low?

Written by Gregory Hicks

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and fees torepparttar customer; you and I. Huh? To put it in other terms,repparttar 125540 long distance usage

offered by these companies is constantly purchased in such high volume, thatrepparttar 125541 cost is very

low. They are physically smaller companies, sorepparttar 125542 amount of employees, overhead, advertising

and other business related costs are lower than that of a giant like AT&T. The service that is

provided is still carried overrepparttar 125543 same phone lines and switches that your current long distance

company uses, so there is absolutely no deterioration in call quality or reliability.

Today, even though there is now adequate competition to drive prices as low as they can go, rest

assured, they will go up. Now isrepparttar 125544 time to evaluate our carriers and compare them to others out

there who can offerrepparttar 125545 same levels of service, but at savings of up to 70%. MCI, AT&T, SPrint

will always be around, but it is competition that isrepparttar 125546 driving force behind improved product and

service for you,repparttar 125547 consumer.

Author: Greg Hicks Communication Value ------------------------------------------------- Cell Phones, Computers, Discount Voicemail, Long Distance, Conference Calling, and much more! 1-800-737-6508 Call for Free Phone Bill Analysis

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