How Did Nintendo Lose In The Console Wars?

Written by Kevin Scripter

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Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII (the first Final Fantasy game released onrepparttar Playstation - and Sony made everyone aware of it with ads that claimed ifrepparttar 116209 game were created on a cartridge, it would have cost $1200) went on to sell an outstanding 7.8 million copies!

Nintendo releasedrepparttar 116210 Nintendo 64 (fortunately their last cartridge-based system) in 1996. The high production costs of games on cartridges andrepparttar 116211 lack ofrepparttar 116212 many quality game titles seen on previous Nintendo consoles doomed this console for most of its life cycle (there was not even a Metroid game forrepparttar 116213 N64). Nintendo slipped out ofrepparttar 116214 number one spot for console market share for good and has yet to ever return to that position.

The N64 sold 32 million units, which consideringrepparttar 116215 lack of numerous quality titles likerepparttar 116216 SNES possessed, is a solid number sold, but pales in comparison torepparttar 116217 Playstation One's sales figures. In May 2004, Sony had shipped its 100 millionth Playstation One console. Sony easily wonrepparttar 116218 32-bit/64-bit console war.

The Xbox, GameCube and PS2 console war has been fierce. Sega's 128-bit Dreamcast was pulled fromrepparttar 116219 much crowded console war and stopped producing consoles altogether. Companies have offered different prices, different bundles, but inrepparttar 116220 end,repparttar 116221 Playstation 2 is number one with a record-breaking 70 million units sold as of May 2004 (and will likely breakrepparttar 116222 100 million mark faster thanrepparttar 116223 original Playstation One console). Xbox is number two andrepparttar 116224 Nintendo GameCube is close-behind at number three.

Nintendo has been able to bring backrepparttar 116225 much needed Final Fantasy franchise (in some limited capacity however). The GameCube finally switched to disc gameplay, but Sony had a one year head start withrepparttar 116226 PS2 and has never looked back. Nintendo claims their next console, code-named "Revolution," will be released along with its competitors.

Can Nintendo ever be number one again? Even with quality franchise titles such as Metroid Prime, The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, all ofrepparttar 116227 mega-popular Pokémon games, Nintendo is still only in third place in console market share.

To think that if Nintendo had not ticked Sony off withrepparttar 116228 development ofrepparttar 116229 SNES CD add-on, Nintendo and Sega may still be fightingrepparttar 116230 console war along with Microsoft. But if that happened, more than likely many more game publishers would have been backing Nintendo's console and all of those terrific Final Fantasy games would have been released on Nintendo's console instead of a competitor's game machine. Nintendo may never be number one again unless they acquire games like Castlevania, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid and incorporate online gameplay in more games for their future game console.

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The Power Of Scrapbook Journaling

Written by Elaine Clay

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- Where :: where isrepparttar event in your photo taking place? Give some background information.

- When :: when wasrepparttar 116208 photograph taken? Give a specific date and includerepparttar 116209 year if possible.

- Why :: why did you use this photo? Does it show a special event like a wedding or a milestone birthday? Explain why it is so memorable.

Tellrepparttar 116210 story…

Don’t be afraid of scrapbook journaling. Just ask yourself, "What would I want to tell future generations aboutrepparttar 116211 photos on my page?" and then write it down.

A tip to remember is that all stories have a beginning, a middle and an end.

For example, a nice way to start off your scrapbooking journaling is to give your album a title page. Use one of your favorite photos and write down who or what your album is about, you can even include famous sayings, quotes or a special poem if you want.

This leads nicely ontorepparttar 116212 'middle' part of your story,repparttar 116213 actual scrapbook pages and when you get torepparttar 116214 'end' make a page about yourself. Perhaps use a picture of you working on one ofrepparttar 116215 pages and explain why you have maderepparttar 116216 scrapbook.

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