How Can You Say You Believe In God . . . .If you don't believe in yourself

Written by Jeannette Tyson Gregory

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You will never try out for basketball if your image of yourself is too short. Becoming a cheerleader will never enter your mind if your image of yourself is too fat.

The picture you create in your mind of yourself is who you will most likely believe that you are. Close your eyes for a moment and picture who you believe you are at this moment. Once you get a candid picture in your mind, try one of these two suggestions. (1) if you are pleased with it, save it in your memory (2) if you are not pleased, erase it. Now, picture who you would like to be.

Creating a good self-image is as easy as creating a bad image. Erasingrepparttar bad image from your mind is simple as creating a good image. Try it.

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Tracking God News - God Cares for His Creatures - Morpho Butterflies

Written by Ron McCluskey

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Many years ago, I was trying to catch one of these butterflies. I saw one flying toward me. I was sure that I was going to be able to capture it. However, just before it got to me, it landed onrepparttar trunk of a tree. Even though it was only a few feet away from me when it landed, I could not see it again until if flew. I walked over torepparttar 127017 trunk ofrepparttar 127018 tree and looked carefully at allrepparttar 127019 shrubbery aroundrepparttar 127020 tree, but I could not see it.

God is very good at taking care ofrepparttar 127021 Morpho butterfly. Although very easy to see, it is very hard for any predator to catch. God is very good at taking care of us too.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SHORT TIP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When presenting this to a group, it helps to have a camera flash. When you tell aboutrepparttar 127022 butterfly flying through a flash of sunlight, have a specimen or picture ofrepparttar 127023 butterfly and triggerrepparttar 127024 flash atrepparttar 127025 butterfly. This will helprepparttar 127026 viewer understand how it would be hard forrepparttar 127027 bird to follow it. You can find some camera flashes that can be manually triggered here: Camera World -  Wolf Camera - Photo Alley -

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Butterfly Books ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here are some books that have good pictures of butterflies: Butterflies ofrepparttar 127028 World: Amazing Butterflies and Moths: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SHORT TIP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can find specimens of Morpho butterflies here: You can find information on how to mount butterflies here: The best source inrepparttar 127029 United States for insect collecting supplies is here:

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copyright 2002 Ron McCluskey You may reproduce this newsletter in part or in whole providing that you includerepparttar 127030 website, contact information and resource links.

Ron McCluskey is an emergency room physician and amateur naturalist. Growing up, he studied insects and birds. While he continues to enjoy studying these natural subjects, his interest has grown to include the rest of creation as well.

He has spent over a year doing volunteer work in tropical countries. While there he enjoyed seeing how God's creation gives ample evidence of His intimate knowledge and care for His nature.

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