How Can You Learn How to Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings?

Written by Robin Nobles

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* Are you a professional search engine optimizer who plans to work with clients? Atrepparttar workshop, you'll discuss guarantees, contracts, how to get new clients, how to service your clients so that you'll continually exceed their expectations, and more.

* Does your Web site have challenges that are keeping you from achieving top rankings? Learn work arounds for those challenges, fromrepparttar 128371 very simple torepparttar 128372 powerful and complex, depending on your unique situation.

* Are confused about how to use WebPosition Gold? Have you been introduced to Search Engine Optimizer (GRSeo)? Do you need a Web- based alternative to reporting? Atrepparttar 128373 workshop, we'll actually demonstraterepparttar 128374 various tools ofrepparttar 128375 trade and offer tips for using those tools as well as showing new tools you may not have considered.

* Are you interested in having a personal appointment to talk about your Web site and any challenges or concerns you are having? Besidesrepparttar 128376 training and personal help that comes throughrepparttar 128377 workshop itself, each participant will meet with an instructor for a 30-minute private consultation.

Who can benefit from this workshop?

* If you have an online business, or if you're considering starting one, this workshop is ideal for you.

* You may have taken a search engine marketing course inrepparttar 128378 past but haven't kept up withrepparttar 128379 current strategies.

* Maybe you're a Web designer who needs to learn how to design search engine friendly sites.

* Maybe you have a large company who needs a stronger online presence.

* Or, maybe you're ready forrepparttar 128380 "next step" to a successful Web site - what to do "after" you achieve top rankings? If so, this workshop is exactly what you need.

In order to offer personal attention to each attendee, enrollment is limited to around 35. Becauserepparttar 128381 group is small, it quickly becomes very friendly and open. We share experiences and expertise, so that no matter what your level of experience is, you'll leave with an abundance of new information and things to try on your own Web site.

So, give this new way of learning search engine strategies a try. Visit Search Engine Workshops ( and look overrepparttar 128382 agenda. Read some ofrepparttar 128383 testimonies from a past workshop. Learn more aboutrepparttar 128384 workshop leaders by visitingrepparttar 128385 About Us page.

Then, make arrangements to attend our next workshop to be held atrepparttar 128386 Opryland Hotel in Nashville on May 1-3, 2002. It will be a learning experience you'll never forget!

Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists, ( has trained several thousand people in her online search engine marketing courses ( She also teaches 3-day hands-on search engine marketing workshops with Search Engine Workshops (

Ask Mr. D - Search Engine Keywords

Written by Bill Daugherty

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You need to list your site underrepparttar keywords: travel, tours, vacations, Mexico, Mexico vacations, Mexico City, Mexico City vacations and several other keywords and phrases along those lines. I wager you can come up with forty or fifty good listings for your site, if you put your mind to it. Just be sure each keyword or phrase is relevant to your site.

When you list a site with any search engine,repparttar 128370 key (no pun intended) is to come up with as many words and phrases that a searcher would possible use to find a product or service like yours. The more keywords you are listed under,repparttar 128371 more traffic you will draw.

Now, go back to those pay-per-clicks and add as many new keywords and phrases as you and your partner can come up with and I can assure you that your hit counter will jump overnight.

Best wishes,

Mr. D

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