How Can Search Engines Help You with Your Business?

Written by Dmitry Antonoff, Irina Ponomareva

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Rule 3: Play fair Do not get involved in unfair games with search engines. If you feel that your method is obviously deceptive, do not use it. Here are just some of widespread methods used by unscrupulous webmasters. Spam Let's assume thatrepparttar site owner wishes to make a page very relevant to a certain key phrase. The most obvious course to take is to include this phrase into a page copy as many times as possible. When it starts looking unnatural (that is,repparttar 127961 keyword density value becomes excessive), it will be regarded as a kind of spam (so-called keyword damping). This page will look odd both for human visitors and for search engines. Consequently, any WWW user will hardly wish to return to this page after having visited it just once, and search engines will be likely to penalise spam by reducingrepparttar 127962 page's ranking. Using colours to hide multiple keywords, as a kind of spam Some web masters in their vain hope to deceive search engines go a step further. They makerepparttar 127963 part of body copy, which is intended only for search engines, invisible (that is, of a colour identical or just a shade different fromrepparttar 127964 background color), or tiny enough to be indistinguishable (i.e., 1 or 2 pixels high). Modern search engines have become smart enough to detect such tricks, so we wouldn't advise you to use these methods. You might even win for a short time, but lose afterwards, because some search engines penalise spammers by excluding their web sites from their databases. Link farms Many site owners unite in so called link farms in order to artificially increaserepparttar 127965 link popularity value. These are nothing but networks where everyone links to everyone else, concentrating onrepparttar 127966 quantity of links and disregarding their quality. Their efficiency is very low. First, a page can deliver just a small part of its value to every page it links to withinrepparttar 127967 farm. If it contains too many links, this part will be worthless. Second, a page that contains links, just links, and nothing else but links, cannot be very authoritative for quite natural reasons. Besides, modern search engines analyserepparttar 127968 link quality in terms of web site relevancy, rankingrepparttar 127969 link highly if it leads to a site devoted to similar issues. So, when you are looking for link exchange partners, choose those whose business is similar to yours. The sites of your partners, or web portals devoted to your business issues, are ideal for this. Cloaking This is a widespread technology that aims to deceive search engines . The point is, all known spidering robots recognised by their IP addresses or host names are redirected to a page that is specially polished to meet search engines' requirements, but is unreadable to a human being. In order to detect cloakers, spiders often come from fake IP addresses and under fictitious names. Also, users' feedback is collected, and if people too often find that a page's real content doesn't match its declared description,repparttar 127970 page is revised by search engine owners’ staff and runsrepparttar 127971 risk of being penalised. Rule 4: Your site must be interesting Increasingrepparttar 127972 number of pages included on your site, andrepparttar 127973 quality of information you place on those pages, increasesrepparttar 127974 probability of getting good links to your pages. Interesting articles, and actual news concerning your business, will attract visitors' attention, and your site will be well-known and spoken of. If you gain a good reputation onrepparttar 127975 Internet, your commercial success will be almost certain, andrepparttar 127976 site will promote itself. Good site structure is also very important. If your site is created withrepparttar 127977 basic usability requirements in mind, and is categorised well,repparttar 127978 users will enjoy visiting it. Every page should be easily accessed fromrepparttar 127979 home page, and plain text links are preferred. Thus, a search engine robot will experience no difficulties whilst spidering your site content, followingrepparttar 127980 links that lead from one page to another.

As you can see, merely having a website or running a company does not guarantee success. The demands of promotion, catering for conditions of your web site or brand recognition, popularity and attracting still more clients must be of prime importance. We have introduced you torepparttar 127981 majority of tools used forrepparttar 127982 promotion of your business onrepparttar 127983 Internet. These tools applyrepparttar 127984 technologies that facilitate searching for desired resources. Evidently, website owners can be discouraged byrepparttar 127985 multiplicity of web searching algorithms as this demands search engine optimisation and comprehensive spadework. So if you don’t think you can cope with this job, it is probably worth seeking a qualified Internet promoter or an Internet promotion company in order to gain good results at affordable costs. You will surely stand high in directories and search engines results and therefore increase traffic andrepparttar 127986 number of potential clients your business has access to.

________________________________________ * Before HTTP protocol was invented (around 1989-1991)repparttar 127987 Internet was just a huge network consisting of FTP servers, and was used as a means of file exchange. There were no websites at all.repparttar 127988 first search engines mentioned inrepparttar 127989 article ran via FTP and similar protocols. Only after Tim Burners-Lee had created HTTP protocol, did we getrepparttar 127990 World Wide Web, andrepparttar 127991 Internet acquired its actual shape. ** The first search robots that supported HTTP.

Dmitry Antonoff, 28. I've been with Magic Web Solutions ltd. (UK), Dartford, Kent, as a marketer and an SEO consuntant, since May 2003. I specialise in website promotion, and copywriting. I'm eager to share my experience with the Internet community. Irina, Ponomareva, 32. I joined Magic Web Solutions ltd. (UK), Dartford, Kent, on March 2003. I've been working as a web master, a developer, and an SEO specialist ever since.

Inappropriate Website Promotion Methods

Written by Dmitry Antonoff, Irina Ponomareva

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Why Cloaking Is Always A Bad Idea (by Alan Perkins) Doorway pages These are pages specially prepared for search engines and contain a number of isolated key phrases which are designed solely to attract search engines and cover issues completely different from those ofrepparttar site proper. These pages are often concealed from human visitors withrepparttar 127960 help of cloaking (as mentioned above), because they contain nothing of interest. Since it is necessary to hiderepparttar 127961 fact that their content is meaningless, these pages need regular updating. However, programmers who are in charge of development of searching algorithms are constantly looking for new means of semantic analysis of a web page content. It is becoming more and more hard to create a really 'smart' doorway page that would successfully deceive those algorithms. August 2009: How Google beat Amazon and Ebay torepparttar 127962 Semantic Web The Semantic Web All this results in a waste ofrepparttar 127963 webmaster’s time and mental energy – energy that could be better spent on good activities such as optimising and polishing existing web pages and creating new ones with attractive, useful and relevant content. Multi-level marketing (MLM) The plan looks so simple. A certain web site raises its ranking in search engines listings due to receiving, say, five inbound links from other sites. Each of these sites aims at getting five links from some other sites, and so on. As a result,repparttar 127964 site which is on top ofrepparttar 127965 pyramid inherits value from all descending sites. Sorepparttar 127966 main goal of this kind of website promotion is reduced to merely clambering torepparttar 127967 top of this accurate and well proportioned structure. So why is it no good? First, this scheme needs to be well organised and managed by a person who is in charge of looking afterrepparttar 127968 pyramid, drawing new members and tracing their progress. If he or she decides to take fees for this job it may lead to a conflict of interests. Dragged intorepparttar 127969 fight for reachingrepparttar 127970 top ofrepparttar 127971 pyramid, webmasters will have less time for polishing web sites. Thus,repparttar 127972 pyramid structure destroysrepparttar 127973 idea ofrepparttar 127974 ‘natural evolution’ ofrepparttar 127975 Internet, a principle that is widely speculated when discussing issues of web promotion. Visit Search Engine Watch and userepparttar 127976 following principle belonging torepparttar 127977 code of honour of search engine specialists: ‘Keep away from schemes’. Clickers False overstating of a website’s traffic statistics is another unfair method of web promotion. It suggests thatrepparttar 127978 resource is very popular among Internet users, although it is actually not so. The aim of this trick is to deceive potential buyers ofrepparttar 127979 website, rather than search engines, because site owners can gain maximum profit sellingrepparttar 127980 resource if they demonstrate high traffic forrepparttar 127981 website. The so-called clickers are hired and instructed to do this job. They keep visitingrepparttar 127982 web site several times a day on a regular basis for a modest fee (or free of charge ifrepparttar 127983 site owner is an undisguised cheater), each visit being recorded by a hit counter. A high stated popularity of a web site will increase its perceived value. Then, whenrepparttar 127984 contract is concluded andrepparttar 127985 web site finds its new owner,repparttar 127986 number of visitors will drop, possibly to zero, asrepparttar 127987 phantom visits will, unsurprisingly, stop. Indexing of a website on different servers In an effort to attract extra traffic, many people register several domains linking to one andrepparttar 127988 same resource. But nowadays it makes no sense to duplicate web pages with different domain names but identical content, for modern search engines have learned to identify them. It can even result in being removed from indexes. It is difficult to avoid such troubles and stop a search engine robot from doubtingrepparttar 127989 originality ofrepparttar 127990 content at all web pages exposed to indexing. First of all,repparttar 127991 robot sees thatrepparttar 127992 resources are linking to each other and compares their headings, key phrases and content. Pages which look suspicious to it are processed by a special algorithm and deemed duplicated if: 1.they hold outbound links which lead to one andrepparttar 127993 same resource; or 2.these links are equal to or less than 10 per cent different in number. Some search engines, for instance AltaVista, also employ this program when checking up their indices revealing pages which were entered there by mistake. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you find your duplicated web pages expelled from databases. Placing of duplicated pages on different servers is also regarded as an unethical way to promote a web site and is best avoided. However, if you findrepparttar 127994 method essential and are not going to takerepparttar 127995 foregoing advice, we offer these recommendations: 1.alterrepparttar 127996 content on your web pages so that they look somewhat different; 2.slightly change headings,repparttar 127997 list of key phrases, andrepparttar 127998 description; 3.make sure that at least 10 per cent ofrepparttar 127999 number of links on your pages is not identical. Conclusion Even though there are many legitimate and efficient methods of web site promotion, many people find unethical ones more attractive. Disregarding web surfers’ interests, they attempt to deceiverepparttar 128000 search engine itself in an effort to make it place their resources nearerrepparttar 128001 top of a listing. Most of all, they concern themselves with visitors’ clicks, thus transferring money to a site owner’s purse. Left unchecked, such unscrupulous practices will be counterproductive. The reason? The web will be driven into chaos and cheating will prevail, thus making it a battlefield for ‘intellectual’ confrontation between crafty webmasters and developers of special algorithms to resist their tricks. Asrepparttar 128002 war is fought, both sides will make small gains which will instantly be swallowed up by newer ideas. In no man’s land will berepparttar 128003 frustrated users ofrepparttar 128004 Internet, gradually losing faith and trust inrepparttar 128005 medium and starting to switch off. We are convinced that it is preferable to work towards better quality, more interesting web pages, polished, usable sites and improved services. The result will be well-deserved brand recognition and insistence, and sites will promote themselves.

Dmitry Antonoff, 28. I've been with Magic Web Solutions ltd. (UK), Dartford, Kent, as a marketer and an SEO consuntant, since May 2003. I specialise in website promotion, and copywriting. I'm eager to share my experience with the Internet community.

Irina, Ponomareva, 32. I joined Magic Web Solutions ltd. (UK), Dartford, Kent, on March 2003. I've been acting as a web master, a developer, and an SEO specialist ever since.

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