How Can My Design Affect My Search Engine Rankings?

Written by Dawn Rowlett

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Heavy graphics - Slows load time.

Low quality graphics - editors will be very critical of this.

Sound - Slows load time and can be annoying to visitors and editors.

Dynamic features - Spiders can not crawly dynamic features such as a drop down menu.

Java Script - Spiders can't read JS and it gets in their way. Spiders can become confused by JS and it can make your important text appear to be less relevant. If you must use JS, move it to an external .js file.

Java Script Links - Spiders can not crawl links in Java Script.

Image Maps - Spiders can not crawlrepparttar links within image maps.

Spelling errors - Directory editors will be very critical of this.

Broken links - Spiders and editors will be very critical of this. Check this regularly.

Pop-ups - The will slow load time, confuse spiders and annoy editors and visitors.

HTML errors - Bad HTML will confuse spiders and cause browser compatibility issues.


Submit an unfinished site.

Submit a site that includes words such as "Under Construction".

Include text on your home page that says something like "report broken links here". Include a phrase such as this on your contact page. Never on your home page.

Include illegal content within your site.

Use hidden text/links, tiny text/links, same color text/links asrepparttar 143603 background - this is considered spam and you can be banned from major engines and/or directories if you do this.

Use clear or transparent images.

Now What?

Now that you have designed your web site with search engine spider criteria in mind, you have takenrepparttar 143604 first steps to prepare your site for higher rankings but don't stop here! This is justrepparttar 143605 beginning. Next, you will want to thoroughly researchrepparttar 143606 search terms that you are going to target -- afterall, you don't want to choose keyword phrases that no one is ever going to search for! Then, you will need to work on a link building campaign so that you can gain some publicity to your site and begin generating some traffic while making your site more and more popular each day. Move on to developing you content so that it revolves around your search terms and target market and then onto your meta tags, titles and descriptions. Finally, you may be ready for your final submission date and begin to see your efforts pay off! ====================================================== Dawn Rowlett is a search engine marketing consultant and positioning specialist with Web Submission Services. Overrepparttar 143607 last few years, she has been researching search engines with her partner Michael Hargrove, who has over eight years of SEO experience, working with clients and developing a Search Engine Marketing Membership to help web masters and designers understand how to properly prepare a web site for top search engine rankings. Dawn can be contacted at

Dawn Rowlett is a Search Engine Marketing specialist at Web Submission Services Inc. 904-992-4341

The Returns of MLM

Written by Joseph Then

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People think that MLM is like getting salary for almost nothing. That's not true. The top most distributors too make sales and get paid for that. Only a part of his commission is fromrepparttar other's work. Some youngsters are not aware of these facts and figures. That is why some companies take them for a ride. They lure them by saying that they can get richer in few days and would have to do nothing but get people to make sales. People should stay away from such cheats.

Getting into MLM business without knowledge would not give you any returns. Instead you would lose lot of money. Initially these expenses would seem to be nothing, but once you are a dropout,repparttar 143518 money that you have spent on sample products, commuting charges, purchasingrepparttar 143519 prospectus, consultation fees and buying stuffs like books and tapes would suddenly add up to your expected one month's salary.

This business is just like any other business. A lot of hard work, planning, time and dedication are required to make it an established and successful business. Don't expect to build Rome in a day. It is next to impossible.

Joseph Then operates Sign ups company that helps thousands of online MLM marketers increase their downline for the past 5 years. They have served over 3,000 customers with over 50% as repeat customers. You can visit the site at

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