How Can Long Distance Be So Low?

Written by Gregory Hicks

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and fees torepparttar customer; you and I. Huh? To put it in other terms,repparttar 125540 long distance usage

offered by these companies is constantly purchased in such high volume, thatrepparttar 125541 cost is very

low. They are physically smaller companies, sorepparttar 125542 amount of employees, overhead, advertising

and other business related costs are lower than that of a giant like AT&T. The service that is

provided is still carried overrepparttar 125543 same phone lines and switches that your current long distance

company uses, so there is absolutely no deterioration in call quality or reliability.

Today, even though there is now adequate competition to drive prices as low as they can go, rest

assured, they will go up. Now isrepparttar 125544 time to evaluate our carriers and compare them to others out

there who can offerrepparttar 125545 same levels of service, but at savings of up to 70%. MCI, AT&T, SPrint

will always be around, but it is competition that isrepparttar 125546 driving force behind improved product and

service for you,repparttar 125547 consumer.

Author: Greg Hicks Communication Value ------------------------------------------------- Cell Phones, Computers, Discount Voicemail, Long Distance, Conference Calling, and much more! 1-800-737-6508 Call for Free Phone Bill Analysis

*this article may be reprinted by permission of it's author only, and may be subject to reciprocal link requirements. MCI, AT&T and Sprint are registered trademarks of their respective companies and have no affiliation with Communication Value orrepparttar 125548 author.


Test Article 5 - GoArticles Support

Written by John Sidlowich

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Clear Teal Template, this is a 16-page easy-to-use Web template that lets you easily create a Web site;

Scripting/Database Tools, J-Bots Plus 2002 Trial. According torepparttar FrontPage site, J=Bots components make FrontPage Web sites more customized by adding JavaScript-enabled features, but you don't have to know how to write code or cut and paste. Simply fill in dialog boxed, click Generate, andrepparttar 125538 JavaScript is created for you.

Other Advantages for Using FrontPage

* Server side includes are easy with FrontPage. Before we gon on, let me explaon what "server side includes" are.

Server side includes (SSI's) generate parts of Web pages dynamically onrepparttar 125539 "server side". The allow you to add customization features to your Web pages, such as e-mail form. Unlike other forms of dynamic content, or content that's created onrepparttar 125540 fly, server side includes have a normal URL that's easy for users to remember and doesn't create problems forrepparttar 125541 engines.

In other works, SSI's embed special commands into an HTML document that tellsrepparttar 125542 server to perform specific actions when a user requestsrepparttar 125543 page. The server then createsrepparttar 125544 Web page onrepparttar 125545 fly by merging files or inserting requested information.

How might you use SSI's on your Web page? Let's say you want ot add a form to your Web site for your users to complete to sign up for your newsletter. You could createrepparttar 125546 form using SSI's.

For more information on creating SSI's with FrontPage, visit: and click on FrontPage Server Extensions.

Dave Barry, who recently created two major sections ofrepparttar 125547 Dell Web site using FrontPage, manages 40 to 50 Web sites at SmartCertify, and he easily moves back and forth between those sites using FTP. With that many sites, there is a lot of duplicity, and he can effortlessly share objects with FP or edit multiple Web sites. With FrontPage, ou can cut and paste betweenrepparttar 125548 sites, use shared borders, and easily drag and drop files, thus saving a lot of time versus handling each site separately.

If you've ever wanted to experiment with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), FrontPage also makes using them a breeze. You can even create DHTML using FrontPage.

Dave created a video on how to copy and paste, how to use Cascading Style Sheets, and how to use shared borders with Front Page:

Author Note: When viewing these videos, make sure you havrepparttar 125549 latest version of Microsoft Windows Media Player. To downloadrepparttar 125550 lastest version (7.1), click here (;en-us;Q299321). Also, I found that I was unable to viewrepparttar 125551 videos if my firewall (Zone Alarm) was running.

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