How Can I Stop Getting Spam?

Written by Sean Proske

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It looks like a normal URL, and there's clearly no email address anywhere inrepparttar link, but when clicked, instead of loading a web page in your browser as you may have expected, your email program opens up.

How's that possible you might ask? Simple. A little magic with CGI using Perl or PHP will dorepparttar 109576 trick. A free copy of a script that does this is bundled with Postmaster Pro, available at which is discussed below.

-------------------------------------------------- What About Spammers Who Already Have My Address? --------------------------------------------------

So far we've discussed a few fairly simple techniques designed to prevent spammers from obtaining your email address inrepparttar 109577 first place. But, how do you deal withrepparttar 109578 spam you're already getting? Your address is already out there. The solution is to either block or filter.

For either, you'll need software. For blocking, I recommend Postmaster Pro. If you prefer to filter then Spam Assassin is highly recommended. Both run onrepparttar 109579 server, so there is no need to download spam before filtering it out. That's a huge time saver if you're not yet on a high-speed connection. It also makes it a bit less likely you'll end up downloading a virus since email from untrusted senders, i.e. spammers will be significantly reduced.

------------------------------------------------ Spam Blocking Software ------------------------------------------------

Postmaster Pro which is available at takes a novel approach to blocking spam. It only allows email to be delivered after people who've sent you email have been placed on an approved sender list. Butrepparttar 109580 interesting thing is that people who send you email can put themselves on your approved list. This is done simply by clicking a link in an email that automatically gets sent to themrepparttar 109581 first time they send email to you, which is perfect for those of us who don't know in advance whom we should put onrepparttar 109582 approved list, i.e. if you're running a business online. It also makes building and maintaining such a list very simple.

Givenrepparttar 109583 fact that spammers normally use invalid return addresses, and those who do use valid return addresses seldom read email that's sent there, let alone respond to it (they receive thousands of failed delivery notifications, complaints, remove requests, and autoresponder messages every time they do a mailing) ... it's a very effective technique with no chance of blocking legitimate email, as isrepparttar 109584 case with filtering.

-------------------------------------------------- Spam Filtering Software --------------------------------------------------

For those who would prefer to filter ... Spam Assassin is perhapsrepparttar 109585 best option. It is available at Once you have Spam Assassin installed, it will provide you with very powerful and flexible filtering tools. Spam Assassin is a mature product, having been around for quite some time. If you're going to filter, Spam Assassin is about as good as it gets.

As with any filter though, you do runrepparttar 109586 risk of missing legitimate email from time to time. There really isn't a good way to tell how often this is happening unless you want to read allrepparttar 109587 email that gets filtered out, which negatesrepparttar 109588 whole point of filtering. If you set your filters permissively enough though, you should be reasonably safe. Forrepparttar 109589 first month or so after installing any filter, you should continue to read every single email in order to make sure it isn't set too restrictively to allow legitimate email through.

By usingrepparttar 109590 techniques mentioned in this article, you can take back your mailbox, and dramatically reduce, if not eliminate spam.

-------------------------------------------------- Sean Proske isrepparttar 109591 CEO and founding partner of which has provided reliable and affordable hosting since 1996. -------------------------------------------------- 2003 by Sean Proske

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Sean Proske is the CEO and founding partner of which has provided reliable and affordable hosting since 1996.

The Top 10 Rules for succesfull Email Marketing

Written by John McCabe

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6. Be prepared to broadcast on multiple occasions. You should not think of email marketing as a one off hit - an all or nothing approach. Research shows that response rates increase with frequency asrepparttar recognition factor increases.

7. Make use of HTML. Whilst keepingrepparttar 109575 message simple, you should where possible use html to createrepparttar 109576 message - it looks far better on screen, and allowsrepparttar 109577 URL's of links to be hidden behind visually pleasing images. You should always produce a txt version ofrepparttar 109578 html to be broadcast simultaneously torepparttar 109579 html, to ensure that recipients unable to accept html will be able to receive your message.

8. Track everything - open rates, unsubscribes clickable-links, emails received, telephone and faxes received. Simply trackingrepparttar 109580 clicks is only halfrepparttar 109581 story. You should monitor what happened whenrepparttar 109582 click through occurred onrepparttar 109583 website, as well as your sales call centre.

9. Getrepparttar 109584 timing right - don't broadcast over night to B2B databases asrepparttar 109585 first thing that will happenrepparttar 109586 following morning is thatrepparttar 109587 message will be deleted. Tuesdays and Thursdays have proved to berepparttar 109588 most responsive for B2B broadcasts. Sending a message on a Friday afternoon to consumers has proved very successful.

10. Datacapture - make sure that at least one link on your email is to a datacapture screen. mailto:

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John McCabe is the co-founder of UK Marketing Management, a specialist direct marketing agency based in the UK. He has 15 years experience of developing direct marketing campaigns in a variety of industries. During the last four years he has concentrated on email marketing, both as a corporate end user and as an agency. During this time he has helped develop the media with list owners, broadcasters and clients - pushing up service levels and quality of data.

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