How Can I Get The Web Host Services And Support I Need, Hassle-free?

Written by Kevin Taylor

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Once you have found a host provider that hasrepparttar right price, has been around long enough, and gets good references go to their link at and place your order.

Location of Provider - I don't think you should worry whetherrepparttar 137723 provider is in your state, or if you live in another country (I live in Canada) thatrepparttar 137724 provider is in your country. There is no real advantage, especially withrepparttar 137725 top tier hosts that have 24/7 customer service.

There are often disadvantages to using local providers in some regions. Their cost is often much higher and their physical internet location may result in slower delivery to most internet users, except you! (Tryrepparttar 137726 "internet speed test" at and check your speed to a host and ask friend inrepparttar 137727 country where most of your traffic comes from to test their connection torepparttar 137728 same host).

(more tips at

Lunarpages and Powweb are selections available at and are onrepparttar 137729 top 5 provider list at

Kevin Taylor is a freelance writer/webmaster living in Toronto Canada.

Linux vs. Windows web Hosting, does it make a difference?

Written by Daniel Punch

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The reliability and stability ofrepparttar different platforms have beenrepparttar 137597 topic of many long arguments. The main reason that Windows is seen as being insecure is that it isrepparttar 137598 most widely used operating system for home PC's. People spend more time looking for flaws inrepparttar 137599 most common system. With Linux beingrepparttar 137600 most common server type, it has a surprising number of successful hack attempts made on it. Inrepparttar 137601 endrepparttar 137602 security of both platforms comes down torepparttar 137603 competency ofrepparttar 137604 system administrators. If you are security minded then you'll do better to make sure thatrepparttar 137605 hosting company is reputable and highly skilled than to worry aboutrepparttar 137606 server they use.

In terms of performance there's not a huge difference betweenrepparttar 137607 two servers. Linux reportedly performs faster because Windows (as usual) attempts to offer an 'all in one' package instead ofrepparttar 137608 extendable Linux implementation. You'll generally not notice a difference but if performance is of utmost importance to you then maybe this will influence your decision.

I've come torepparttar 137609 conclusion that unless you are specifically using features that are unique to one platform or another your time will be much better spent looking for a really good quality host than a really good quality server. Developers are constantly improving both Linux and Windows so they should be fairly close in terms of features, security, and reliability for a long time. It'srepparttar 137610 people implementing them that you should be basing your decision on.

Daniel Punch M6.Net Web Helpers

Daniel Punch is a writer working at M6.Net: 'The web-hosting company for humans.' M6.Net is working hard to help humanity experience the power and freedom to develop their own part of the Internet, to share their information and connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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