How Can EQ Help You Win the Negotiation?

Written by Susan Dunn, MA, The EQ Coach

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In recent research, Schweitzer and associates induced emotional states in subjects and found that angry people trustedrepparttar least, and happy people trustedrepparttar 149920 most, and sad people were in between. They found that “emotions which are irrelevant torepparttar 149921 judgment task … influence trust judgments in predictable ways.”

“Predictable” isrepparttar 149922 key phrase here, because it gives us power. When we’re negotiating with someone, we want to control as many ofrepparttar 149923 variables leading to a “yes” as possible.

Because decisions are not based solely on reason and logic, emotional intelligence is clearly important to success. There are two things for sure: there is never enough data, andrepparttar 149924 data is always ambiguous. Let’s say you have $100,000 to invest. Is real estaterepparttar 149925 best long-term producer, or isrepparttar 149926 stock market? It depends on who’s talking to you, what they’re selling, and what chart they show you. I’ve seen it “proven conclusively” both ways. And for each of you readers who silently mouthed “But it’s real estate, because …” there was another mouthing “stocks, because …”!

And who was at fault whenrepparttar 149927 patient died onrepparttar 149928 surgery table? Was itrepparttar 149929 hospital,repparttar 149930 internist,repparttar 149931 surgeon,repparttar 149932 anesthesiologist,repparttar 149933 nurse,repparttar 149934 manufacturer ofrepparttar 149935 shunt, orrepparttar 149936 HMO? There will be an expert witness for and against each position.

We like to think we’re making a rational decision based onrepparttar 149937 facts, but studies show, and common sense affirms, that emotions play a role, and one that you can’t afford to ignore. How can developing your emotional intelligence help you succeed? Here are some examples:

·The savvy businessman acrossrepparttar 149938 table wears a mask to conceal his emotions so he’ll haverepparttar 149939 advantage inrepparttar 149940 negotiation. Can you readrepparttar 149941 telltale nonverbal signals? Some nonverbal reactions that are very informative, such asrepparttar 149942 Adam’s Apple Jump, are beyond conscious control. ·You must choose one of two candidates forrepparttar 149943 next head of regional sales and their ability to perform will make or break your company this year. Can you keep a clear head about their qualifications and expertise and not be swayed byrepparttar 149944 subtle and not-so-subtle maneuvers they perform to induce you to choose them?

·You’re a fundraiser and you know who you want to ask forrepparttar 149945 funds, and how you’re going to do it, but do you know when? Can you tell when they’re inrepparttar 149946 right frame of mind?

·Time has run out and you must go in right now and ask forrepparttar 149947 raise. You know your boss is angry because your associate just lost a contract/sad because her son just got turned down at Harvard. Do you know it’s important to change her mood, and do you know how to do it?

·He’s trying to sell yourepparttar 149948 car and you’ve hadrepparttar 149949 best hour you’ve had for weeks. He’s made you laugh, he’s complimented you, and you’re feeling great. In other words, he’s a master at “non-task communication.” Are you aware of what’s going on emotionally? Are you able to holdrepparttar 149950 line onrepparttar 149951 good times and make a rational decision about this car and this price? Studies show that if you’re aware ofrepparttar 149952 emotional factors you can manage around them.

You’ve gotrepparttar 149953 degrees,repparttar 149954 credentials andrepparttar 149955 experience. Is your emotional intelligence competitive?

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Using Magazine Subscriptions for Business Ideas

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If you are looking for a way to make money online this is definitely a start inrepparttar right direction. Many people want to start their own website/business but don’t know what to do. Start by taking note ofrepparttar 149919 things you like within your magazine subscriptions and find ways to expand on those ideas and use those same ideas to create business ideas. It really doesn’t have to be a difficult process but it does take time and persistence. Next time you pick uprepparttar 149920 magazine subscription to Good House Keeping or Forbes, I hope you remember this article and how it can help you create more wealth for your business or create ideas forrepparttar 149921 new business you want to create inrepparttar 149922 near future.

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