How Autoresponders Boost Sales by up to 400%

Written by John Lynch

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6. If you publish an e-book, putrepparttar different chapters or excerpts in your autoresponder.

7. Archive issues of past ezines and put some ofrepparttar 109479 best ones in an autoresponder and let your prospects access them.

Before you send out information via an autoresponder you should always checkrepparttar 109480 content for spam triggers that may prevent your messages being delivered. To have a free check on your emails/messages go to:

If you are not using an autoresponder already you may be losing up to 400% of potential sales. Research shows that autoresponders increase your exposure to your prospects and this increased contact with them leads to higher sales.

Remember if you're not using an autoresponder and gaining these sales, your competitors will!

(c) John Lynch

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Is your E-mail Protected?

Written by Anthony Ellis

Continued from page 1 subscribers create passwords to ensure mail is read only by intended recipients; assign usage rights; cancel or edit content and attachments after transmission; expire e-mails after a specified time period; and monitor content and attachment usage. Unlike conventional e-mail systems, which require manual confirmations, E-mailSecure lets subscribers track messages regardless of addressee follow-up. It is user-friendly, and requires no software installation.

Individuals and companies, from magazines to law firms are now catching on. They realize that these systems can increase communication efficiency and safeguard privacy and proprietary information. not only fills inrepparttar gaps of most e-mail systems, but gives you total control over how messages are used, and provides detailed documentation and accountability, said Ellis.

For more information or a free trial, visit

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