How Alex Higgins inspired me to play snooker

Written by Stephen Hill

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I entered many tournaments with mixed success, I probably won twelve minor local tournaments. I also joined a league team and played on most Wednesday evenings duringrepparttar snooker season.

Atrepparttar 148853 age of twenty seven after playing snooker on full size snooker tables for fifteen years I finally managed to score my first one hundred break. A week later I managed to get another one hundred break, a bit likerepparttar 148854 buses hey!

I must admit my determination has now started to wane and even though I still love to play snooker, I have not managed another one hundred break since.

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Fell Of Good Golf

Written by Jose L. Gonzalez

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It may sound tricky but you really want to be as comfortable as possible while playing a game and to do things as easily, flexibly and fluidly as possible. Much of this comfortability is purely mental.

Make sure you keep your eye onrepparttar ball while youre moving. Thats what counts. When youre doing things comfortably your strength is being properly applied.

The second you brace your muscles, youre moving away fromrepparttar 148772 correct way of playing. If you want to see if your method is right, check your comfortability level. If you get better results with your own method then follow your own method and dont try to imitate someone else. If you want to learn from someone, ask them why theyre swinging in a certain way and if you can learnrepparttar 148773 reason then you can applyrepparttar 148774 knowledge in your own way. Just trying to imitate someone elses swing doesnt benefit you.

Over time, youll acquirerepparttar 148775 ability to know what shot feels right, what club feels best, what decision you should make. Thatsrepparttar 148776 feel. The instinct. The touch of greatness!

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