How A Security Specialist Fell Victim To Attack

Written by Darren Miller

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After rebootingrepparttar system in safe mode and reviewingrepparttar 137511 event logs, I foundrepparttar 137512 cause ofrepparttar 137513 problem. The event log revealed thatrepparttar 137514 TCP/IP stack repeatedly exceededrepparttar 137515 maxim number of connections. I had fell victim to a local machine Denial Of Service attack.

In most cases, an event like this would reveal at least something out ofrepparttar 137516 ordinary; A registry entry, file, or service that should not be present. But not in this case.

The computers local drives were imaged to preserve their current state. The images were then submitted to our Anti-Virus and Firewall vendor research teams. As of today, they have not been able to determinerepparttar 137517 exact cause ofrepparttar 137518 problem. They do know something malicious is going on, and are looking closely atrepparttar 137519 TCP/IP stack and system process. Short-term investigation points inrepparttar 137520 direction of one of these components being modified or corrupted. It's quite possible that a new vulnerability exists and I'm fairly confident they will be able to pinpoint it.

What's The Point


I've seen just about every type of exploit, vulnerability, and e-mail attack you can think of overrepparttar 137521 years. Some items we uncover during security assessments would make your jaw drop.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people out there just don't care what kind of problems or damage they cause. It appears as ifrepparttar 137522 point of this recent e-mail attack was nothing more than to causerepparttar 137523 recipient grief, to putrepparttar 137524 target computer out of business for a while. One things for sure, it resulted in a bad day for me. The time I had to put into investigatingrepparttar 137525 situation, and preparingrepparttar 137526 images for delivery to our vendor, could have been spent working on something productive.



Because of this event, we have configured a dedicated system who's sole purpose in life is to test potentially harmful url's. It is actually a virtual machine that if attacked, can be configured to its default state within seconds.

I can only imaginerepparttar 137527 stress and frustration others without technical experience or resources must go through when something like this happens. I receive countless e-mails from our site visitors regarding their concern that they may have been attacked or compromised. I wish I could help them all out directly but that is not always a reality.

What I can do is share my experiences and recommendations. This is one ofrepparttar 137528 primary reasons why I enjoy writing articles as much as a do.

Darren Miller is an Information Security Consultant with over sixteen years experience. He has written many technology & security articles, some of which have been published in nationally circulated magazines & periodicals. Darren is a staff writer for and several other e-zines.

Put Yourself in Google's Shoes

Written by Darby Higgs

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How does SEO fit into all of this? The basis of SEO is to get more hits to a particular page or site. At one level it does this by making search engine friendly pages, which is fair enough. But an increasing amount of SEO time and money is being spent on trying to simulate reality, in other words pretendingrepparttar page is an information rich page, while in fact it is a sales page. The SEO does this by second guessing Google’s algorithms and trying to deceive them. Some new clever trick is employed to exploitrepparttar 137493 boundaries of Google’s algorithm.

What happens next? The trick sometimes works for a short period of time. Of courserepparttar 137494 visitor seesrepparttar 137495 page for what it is and hitsrepparttar 137496 back button immediately. And Mr Google reacts by changingrepparttar 137497 rules to try to giverepparttar 137498 searcher what they really want. The SEOs will then try a new tactic. Their clients will have to modify all of their pages to conform to whatrepparttar 137499 SEO think isrepparttar 137500 new algorithm.

What does all this mean torepparttar 137501 small business trying to get a presence onrepparttar 137502 web? You can userepparttar 137503 SEO approach orrepparttar 137504 content based approach. You may have gathered by now that I favourrepparttar 137505 latter.

The SEO approach means that you are constantly trying to outsmart Google. You try to trick Google that your page is what searchers want. Google discoversrepparttar 137506 trick and changes its rules overcome it. The SEOs need to invent a new trick and you need reengineer your site to use it. But Google will soon find you out and changerepparttar 137507 rules again. The dog keeps chasing its tail.

The content based approach avoids all this hassle. You provide information rich pages which is what Mr Google and his searchers want. You joinrepparttar 137508 synergy. Google is working for you, not trying to foil your latest trick. Paradoxicallyrepparttar 137509 SEOs are helping you as well by putting more pressure on Google to get your information rich site in front of more searchers, and more searchers on to your site. As Yahoo and MSN start competing for searchersrepparttar 137510 content based approach will become even more effective.

So give Mr Google what he wants - informative content. He will give you what you want - targeted traffic. A win-win situation.

Darby is a Melbourne based web author who has created as a service to Australian small businesses who wish to use articles to improve their web presence.

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