How's Your Empty Nest

Written by Jeanine Herrin

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If you find yourself just completely baffled at what you can do, get a piece of paper and pen and start jotting down things you like to do or things you use to like or want to do whenrepparttar kids were small but didn’t have time for. This may even be a good time to jot down some ofrepparttar 142254 “new” projects you’d like to try. You might be surprised at how fastrepparttar 142255 paper fills up.

Do you like to sew? Cook? Go Fishing? Climb mountains? Do crafts of any kind? Some are really getting into Scrap Booking right now. Been thinking of getting a part time (or full time) job? Maybe if you’ve been working you can change jobs or go for that promotion? Possibly, you’ve been working and now want to quit? LOL,repparttar 142256 list could be endless. It’s all about what you want to do now. Some Moms have even gone back to school and earned degrees and started all new careers.

Seems like whether we like it or not,repparttar 142257 kids grow up and we have to move on with our lives (they certainly are!). Don’t you think it’s what they would like to see anyway, that we are adjusting and moving on, after all, we don’t really want to make them feel guilty for growing up, do we? This time of our lives can be what we make it, so let’s makerepparttar 142258 best of it!

Remember also, that a lot of us are starting to go through Menopause at this time of our lives, which doesn’t exactly help (alas,repparttar 142259 trials of ‘womanhood’!). So if you are really experiencing a lot of depression and finding it hard to work though all of this, don’t be afraid or shy to talk to your family doctor or minister. You may even want to consider professional counseling. It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Think of your health and well-being. Try to makerepparttar 142260 most out of your life and be happy and content.

For those of you who would like to communicate with other moms going though this “Empty Nest Phase” please feel free to check outrepparttar 142261 forum on Empty Nest Moms, “Live Afterrepparttar 142262 Nest Empties”. You’ll find you really aren’t alone or “going crazy” as some ofrepparttar 142263 members have put it, plus you’ll receive lots of support from those that know almost exactly how you are feeling!

You’ll find many topics to choose from as we have moms that are in different phases of this Empty Nest, all ready to jump in with support and suggestions.

Don’t forget, “you’re always going to be their Mom!”

Jeanine Herrin Empty Nest Moms Be sure to visitrepparttar 142264 new Empty Nest “On-Line” Magazine!

Jeanine Herrin is the creator of Empty Nest Moms, a website for Moms going through that Empty Nest phase, to find loads of support from many members on the message forum "Life After the Nest Empties", who know just what you're going through! And now brought to you my ENMoms is the new "On-Line" Empty Nest Magazine, with a mixture of features, fun and resources from the web along with several monthly columns of great interest.

Work at Home Job vs. Work at Home Business

Written by Susanne Myers

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Lets take a look atrepparttar advantages of a WAH business. You are going to be your own boss. You callrepparttar 142149 shots. This gives you a large amount of freedom on how you run your business, how you treat your customers etc. It also allows you a large amount of flexibility. If you’d rather work on your website today instead of writing a sales copy, go for it. As long as you keep things balanced and get everything done that needs attention, you can allow yourself a lot of flexibility. You can also move at your own pace. There isn’t anybody (other than your bank account) that you are slowing down if you decide to spendrepparttar 142150 day atrepparttar 142151 park with your kids instead of taking inventory. You are alsorepparttar 142152 one that determines how much you make. The harder you work, andrepparttar 142153 better you get at this,repparttar 142154 more money you will make. At a job you get an hourly wage or a salary that’s reviewed about once year. With a business it is up to you to generate as much income as you would like. Your own business also allows you to change with times as your interests or markets change. You may start out asrepparttar 142155 owner of a dating site, but then become much more interested in wedding planning.

Don’t get me wrong, owning a business does have its disadvantages as well. You usually have to invest at least a small amount of money and most definitely a lot of time upfront. This is not an instant reward kind of thing. You may be working for months without seeing much of a monetary reward. You’ll have to be prepared to live without much of a paycheck for a while. If you are currently working, you may want to consider keeping your job for a while and building your business in your spare time.

No matter what you decide, I would like to congratulate you for takingrepparttar 142156 first steps to becoming a work at home mom. Always keep in mind thatrepparttar 142157 reason you are doing all this is to be able to spend more time with your kids, to get them out of daycare, to bring home a check to help with expenses or whatever else your reason may be. It isn’t always going to be easy to balance family life and work life, particularly when they start happening inrepparttar 142158 same house. But keeprepparttar 142159 reason why you are doing this in mind and you’ll get through it. And don’t forget to have some fun alongrepparttar 142160 way.

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