Hot on Yahoo's heels, comes Looksmart @.15 per click!

Written by S. Hartung

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Looksmart have tried to offsetrepparttar potential backlash by offeringrepparttar 101970 first 100 clicks per month ($15) for "free" ..but only forrepparttar 101971 first 20 months (which totals $300, so you don't lose out...unless you happen to get more than 100 clicks per *month*, or want to stay in Looksmart beyond 20 months).

Looksmart has also changed some links within its directory to *affiliate* links in an attempt to earn commission from sales. That's right, if you submit a direct link to your site, LookSmart may change it to an affiliate link with them as your new affiliate! My advice... Invest your advertising money in new technology searchengines and directories! Check outrepparttar 101972 newest and hottest technology: The internets "1st Worldwide Talking Directory". Get Listed for a lifetime. Get Discovered!

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Journaling: Why, When and How

Written by Rinatta Paries

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4. Start writing - don't worry about howrepparttar writing looks, whether it is legible or not, whether it makes sense, whether you are staying on topic, etc. Just let words, thoughts, feelings flow out of you.

5. Write until your time is up, if you had set a time limit, or until you feel like you are done.

6. Reflect on any conclusions, thoughts, observations, decisions that came out of your writing. Don't worry if nothing but a feeling of completeness comes out ofrepparttar 101969 writing.

7. Repeat as necessary. For best results, journal daily, or at least every few days.

The following are situations in which journaling can be extremely advantageous:

1. Inrepparttar 101970 morning Write to get clear about your intentions forrepparttar 101971 day, your feelings, your thoughts, and your wants.

2. When you feel frustrated or afraid If you are frustrated with being single or afraid you'll never attract your ideal relationship, write about your feelings. If you are in a relationship, write about your fears and desires.

3. When you want a breakthrough or an internal shift Writing is one ofrepparttar 101972 more potent tools to use when you want to put an end to a behavior or a thought pattern.

4. When you feel angry or unheard in any relationship Write when you have feelings that are too strong to express to another person. When you write about your feeling and thoughts first, you will be able to have a much more productive conversation later.

5. When you don't know what or why you feel Writing is a great way to find clarity about your feelings and to make sense of any situation.

6. When you feel "full" Write when you feel full and discontented for no apparent reason. By putting down your thoughts and emotions, you will create space and perspective inside.

Writing in a journal is a powerful tool for both surviving singlehood and it's frustrations as well as having a healthy, thriving relationship. When you begin using a journal as a tool for personal development, you will quickly notice a profound affect on your life. You'll become more focused, more aware, and definitely more clear -- all of which makes you incredibly attractive to others.

Happy Journaling!

Your Relationship Coach, Rinatta Paries

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