Hot Wedding Trend: Platinum Wedding Rings

Written by Donna Monday

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Celebrities are especially fond of pairing fancy colored diamonds with their platinum rings. Also,repparttar three diamond platinum engagement ring has quickly become allrepparttar 150859 rage among new brides.

So, if you’re looking to buy diamond jewelry online, whether it’s for a special occasion like a wedding, or a gift for a special person, consider platinum jewelry as one of your best and brightest options.

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Relationship Advice: Top 2 Secret Ways To Become Irresistibly Magnetic To Your Wife In Less Than 72 Hours

Written by CR James

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Top secret way # 2 - L.O.C. (levels of communication )

I’ll explain.

Please make sure you listen up, because it's very important and you will not find this discussed anywhere else.

Once you master LOC, you would see changes in a very short amount of time.

Try to understand and imagine your wife as being 50 different women. You can even pretend all 50 of your wives walking around in your house.

I’ll explain so that it makes crystal clear sense.

If your wife's name is Mary, then there are 50 Mary‘s walking around.

Mary-1, Mary-2, Mary-3, etc..

Each Mary represents a different mood.

Do you see where I am going with this?

For example, Mary-1 could be your wife when she is tired and exhausted.

And Mary-17 could be your wife when she is happy about life, energetic and upbeat about everything.

Wouldn't you rather have sex with Mary-17?

Isn't she more likely to want to have sex?

The amazing thing is that your "words" can magically change Mary-1 into Mary-17.

It literally takes milliseconds to move her from a bad mood to a good mood (or vice versa).

Let's move onto LOC.

The truth is women sometimes say things that don't make sense to a guy.

A guy will argue with his wife and duringrepparttar argument he'll ask himself: "Does she even care about solvingrepparttar 150858 problem?"

If this has ever happened to you, you obviously discovered that there is difference in communication structure between men and women.

And before I continue, I want you to realize that there is so much twisted up information out there it is sad. If someone told me to make one prediction - it would be that these "how to read body language books" are going to become fazed out inrepparttar 150859 next 100 years.

And after that, people will start to focus on "communication" asrepparttar 150860 starting point for understanding women. Any time a guy is seeking to become more sexually desirable inrepparttar 150861 eyes of women,repparttar 150862 results will begin with “communication“.

If you are a man who wants your wife to see you as irresistibly magnetic, then your efforts must begin with communication.

Because if you understandrepparttar 150863 language differences in a woman, then you will realize that those words have significance because it comes from her brain.

Becoming sexually desirable inrepparttar 150864 eyes of your wife must begin with communication. Let this be your focus.

The secret key to becoming increasing sexually desirable inrepparttar 150865 eyes of women depends on your ability to affect her mood. And that ability depends on your communication.

CR James is the author of "Levels of Communication: The Never-Talked-About Skill that is 100 times More Effective than Reading Body Language", a free 18 page report available for a limited time at

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