Hot Flashes of a Freelancer

Written by Cheryl Paquin

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September 2000:

Children return to school, hurrah. House gets sold. No time to be a freelance writer as we pack and try to find somewhere to live. Hurrah, magazine with travel appears — my first “glossy”. Am immensely thrilled and feel famous.

October 2000:

Settle into new abode — children are lice-free; toddler is at childcare, recommence freelance writing career. Cold and flu season begins — children take turns at being ill over three-week period. Just as they are well, I get sick.

November 2000:

Hurrah! Magazine editor that published travel article calls and asks me to write monthly articles — only small piece but feel like a very minor celebrity, however a poor one.

December 2000:

No time for writing! Consumed with making arty-crafty gifts for arty-crafty inlaws. Seriously weigh up if freelancing is viable venture. Feeling very homesick and isolated as a work-at-home mother -- missing festive activities of work life. Decide, however, that working fulltime, and coordinating offspring between school and childcare, would be too difficult. Decide to get REALLY serious about writing as soon as new year rolls around. Heartened at year-end to discover I made a very small profit from writing endeavors.

January 2001:

Have lots and lots of ideas for queries and meticulously list them, research them, but seem to have no time to write actual queries. Realize I spend far too much time thinking about being a writer than actually writing. Realize that motivation isrepparttar only way to achieve writing success. Realize at times I am sadly lacking. However, do have regular magazine contribution and editing work so at least feel like I’m achieving something.

February 2001: editing gig folds in current economic climate. Sigh! Back torepparttar 129902 resume, and trawling online job sites, and piles of query letters. Anxiously checking mailbox each day for checks owing from aforementioned to appear.

Realize I will have to work a lot harder if I want to travel to Australia this year. However, at least freezing cold nights are spent at home with offspring safely ensconced at feet.

Decide to make last-ditch attempt at writing. Set achievable goals — both writing and financial, and resolve to find a cure for procrastination — self discipline.

C.S. Paquin ( is a nationally published writer in a variety of genres — from news writing to humor. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Journalism, and dreams of being a best-selling author. Her first writing love, however, is creative nonfiction and personal essays. Cheryl currently contributes to regional publications in Minnesota and she is the Editor of The Writer's Lounge (

The Written Word - How to use it to Create Powerful Sales Letters

Written by Chuck Crawley

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Step 3 ====== ** Convince them WHY they should BUY!

Use your best stuff here. Give them a powerful reason to buy your product or service.

1. Use testimonials.

"First time onrepparttar lanes withrepparttar 129899 TURBO THUNDER, I shot my first 300 game." Chuck Crawley, Newport News, Va.

2. Tell them why they should only buy from you.

We have made a special arrangement withrepparttar 129900 TURBO THUNDER manufacturing facility to getrepparttar 129901 first 1000 balls hot offrepparttar 129902 assembly line. Because of this Special deal withrepparttar 129903 manufacturer we can offer this product to you at an unbelievable price.

3. Offer a Guarantee that's Irresistible.

If your scoring withrepparttar 129904 TURBO THUNDER ball does not increase by more than 10 pins afterrepparttar 129905 first 60 days, then you can returnrepparttar 129906 ball back to us and get your full purchase price refunded. No questions asked!

4. State your very best offer.

The TURBO THUNDER will hitrepparttar 129907 streets with a retail price of $250.00. Purchaserepparttar 129908 TURBO THUNDER from us withinrepparttar 129909 next 15 days and you can own this revolutionary product at 50% off. Yes, that's right. Getrepparttar 129910 TURBO THUNDER withinrepparttar 129911 next 15 days for an amazing price of $125.00.

Follow these steps in this part of your letter and you will have them reaching for their credit cards.

Step 4 ====== Create a SENSE of URGENCY to Buy NOW.

Don't *droprepparttar 129912 ball* here. You must create a sense of urgency. Then tell them EXACTLY how to order and how easy it is to do so.

The TURBO THUNDER ball is only available at this special discount price forrepparttar 129913 next 15 days. So, you must order today. This offer will NOT be available again afterrepparttar 129914 expiration date.

To order today just follow these easy steps.

Click onrepparttar 129915 order link below.

Fill outrepparttar 129916 order form onrepparttar 129917 secure order page.


Pickup your telephone and dial 1-800-999-9999. A friendly operator will help you to complete your order.

The Awesome POWER ofrepparttar 129918 *written word* can work for you. Just use these easy steps to create your next sales letter or web page content.

Chuck Crawley has been a home-based business owner for the last 12 years. Get his Free Report on how to: "Unleash the Most Powerful product that you NOW Possess." You'll learn How to possess it INSTANTLY.

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