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Written by Lisa Schmeckpeper

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The email manager has saved me a lot of time from manual configuration. You can quickly and easily set up email accounts, set up and remove POPs, create auto-responders, create aliases, and more. Virtualis has 21 tools in all--certainly more than I can cover in this article! One ofrepparttar best features ofrepparttar 134454 Virtualis hosting software suite is that it is totally web-based. This allows for instant accessibility, no matter where you are--certainly helpful if you travel frequently or have customers covering a wide geographical area.


Even for experienced web developers, a primary consideration is Support. Questions always arise as you develop sites and add features and/or functionality. The ideal hosting company will be there to assist you alongrepparttar 134455 way, as well as talk you through any rough spots. Since support issues are rarely constrained to regular business hours, make sure that your chosen hosting company offers support 24/7 (just in case), and offers a variety of means to contact support, such as telephone, email, and web-based access.


Finally, "Space," refers to how much server room you will need to store/manage your digital data. How much space you need can be determined by how much content you will post, how much data you will store, and how much traffic you are expecting. Ideally, you should find a company like Virtualis that offers both shared and dedicated servers--that way, you can start small, and expand as your online business grows.

Shared servers are simply servers that are shared with other businesses. Most small to medium-sized businesses prefer shared hosting because it is cost-effective and can be scaled torepparttar 134456 amount of space that your business needs. Virtualis offers shared "Virtual" servers that range fromrepparttar 134457 VS Mini, at 30 MB of space, allrepparttar 134458 way up torepparttar 134459 VS Meta, which has 300MB of disk space. Of course, if you require more space, a dedicated server option is likely best for you. Virtualis offers five different dedicated servers that range in size from 4.2 gigs (the DEDA1) torepparttar 134460 huge DEDA5, which has 18 gigs of space.

I hope my experiences will aid you in your hosting selection

process. You need to look at reliability, service, software, support, and space. That way, you can wisely chooserepparttar 134461 "silent partner," who will deliver steady uptime, sophisticated time-saving tools, and supreme customer support. After much personal research, and after consulting my good friend, Jim Daniels, I chose Virtualis. From getting my domain name to findingrepparttar 134462 right hosting package for my needs, my silent partner-Virtualis-made getting my business online impossibly easy.

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Written by Lauri Harpf

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ErrorDocument 404

After you're done, saverepparttar file as plain text and make sure that it is named ".htaccess", without quotes of course. The hard part is now over, all that is left is to createrepparttar 134453 custom 404 page (404page.html) that loads when a 404 error occurs.

What should my 404 page look like? ==================================

Of course, you can put anything you want into it, but if your purpose is to encourage your visitors to click further into your site instead of leaving,repparttar 134454 page should obey some basic principles.

1. Don't give users a reason to panic. Including a large heading that screams "ERROR" is likely to makerepparttar 134455 visitor feel that he/she has done something wrong or that your site is not working properly. A better approach is to first greet them with a warm welcome and then explain thatrepparttar 134456 URL they were looking for could not be found, but should they browse around your site, they will surely findrepparttar 134457 information they need.

2. Makerepparttar 134458 page to look and feel similar torepparttar 134459 rest ofrepparttar 134460 pages on your site. Include your site's menu onrepparttar 134461 404 page to give visitors a fast and easy way to continue exploring instead of clicking away. A well-designed 404 page with plenty of links is far more attractive than one that has just black text on a white background and a link to your homepage.

3. If you haverepparttar 134462 skills, consider adding a search feature onrepparttar 134463 page that allows people to search your site for matches. Often your navigation menu will provide a clue on howrepparttar 134464 user might reachrepparttar 134465 information he/she would like to see, but if it doesn't there is a great risk of losingrepparttar 134466 visit. Placing a search utility onrepparttar 134467 page increasesrepparttar 134468 likelihood ofrepparttar 134469 user findingrepparttar 134470 desired page and thus remaining on your site.

After bothrepparttar 134471 .htaccess file andrepparttar 134472 HTML page are ready, FTP to your server, uploadrepparttar 134473 pages and enjoy your new custom 404 error page!

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