Horse Training Voice Commands

Written by Andy Curry

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If you use commands that sound threatening (by yelling a command), you can actually increase your horse's heart rate, frighten and confuse him, and he may take longer to learn.

For instance, a popular command to teach a horse isrepparttar word "step". When driving a horse, using this command means forrepparttar 125771 horse to move forward...take a step. When teaching it, be careful not to yellrepparttar 125772 command because it may be perceived byrepparttar 125773 horse as a punishment.

But if you calmly say "step" you will get better results than if you yell it. Often times, when a horse isn't "getting what you want", there's a tendency to get frustrated and thus, mad - and your voice volume can escalate. Then you're back to sounding threatening and perhaps your horse will take even longer to understand what you want.

I've seen where horses were being taught to drive whererepparttar 125774 owner taughtrepparttar 125775 word "step". When teaching it, he would loudly say "STEP!". It wasn't long beforerepparttar 125776 horse was actually balking. Thenrepparttar 125777 owner was getting frustrated and kept repeating his command even ifrepparttar 125778 horse couldn't hear him.

It reminds me of a show I once saw on television. One english speaking man was talking with a spanish speaking man. The spanish speaking man knew no english. The english speaking man was trying to communicate withrepparttar 125779 spanish speaking man. After a minute of obvious noncommunication,repparttar 125780 english speaking man spoke slower and louder. Unfortuantely,repparttar 125781 spanish speaking man didn't understand english whether or not it was spoke loud, soft, fast, or slow.

In summary, use short words. Userepparttar 125782 word when you want a certain action - only sayrepparttar 125783 word when you want that particular action. If you want your horse to slow down then say something like "easy". (Don't say "slow" because he may take it for "whoa".)

Next, associate actions with commands and calmly talk to your horse. Horses can hear very well and yelling command will not makerepparttar 125784 command any more clear - if anything, it will frighten and confuse him.

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Why "Doggie Breath" is nothing to joke about.

Written by Carolyn Schweitzer

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Now begin gently touchingrepparttar gum tissue with your finger and rub along her gums and teeth as if your finger were a toothbrush. Let her get used torepparttar 125770 sensation. This is exactlyrepparttar 125771 way you would introduce a human baby to brushing, beginning with just her gums. Even before there are teeth, there are harmful bacteria. So don't worry about a tiny puppy who doesn't have a full set of teeth yet--rub her gums, swab out her little mouth with your finger, and get her usedrepparttar 125772 this kind of contact from her owner.

Your next step is to wrap gauze or a soft washcloth around your finger and rubrepparttar 125773 gums on bothrepparttar 125774 outer and inner surfaces ofrepparttar 125775 teeth.

Finally, introduce a tooth brush in one small area. As your dog gets used torepparttar 125776 brush, you will be able to use it in place ofrepparttar 125777 gauze or washcloth. Remember to brushrepparttar 125778 inside surfaces!

A little brushing a day, beginning withrepparttar 125779 first step and working your way up gradually, will eventually lead to a one to two minute session. Your dog will learn that it doesn't hurt and that she gets a couple of minutes of your undivided attention every day. It generally takes 8 to 16 weeks to get there, but inrepparttar 125780 end your dog will accept brushing as part of her daily routine.

If a little brushing is done every day at a set time, eventually your pet gets used to it, and some will even look forward to it. It will take most pet owners from 8-16 weeks untilrepparttar 125781 pet accepts it readily. Nowrepparttar 125782 pet realizes it doesn't hurt and that it will get 1-2 minutes of your undivided attention. Your pet enjoys your attention, and will eventually wait patiently for you to brush his teeth. There's a toothbrush with three heads that will allow you to brush all three surface ofrepparttar 125783 tooth at one time, which makes life a lot easier for both of you! It also has nice, soft bristles so you won't harm your pet's delicate gum tissue.

There are also products that can be rubbed onrepparttar 125784 gums and added torepparttar 125785 drinking water to help reduce bacteria in an animal's mouth and promoterepparttar 125786 dogs health and healing. Bad breath is actually a by-product ofrepparttar 125787 bacteria that populaterepparttar 125788 mouth. They break down proteins and carbohydrates from your dog or cat's diet, and produce something called "volatile sulfur compounds", or VSC's. It'srepparttar 125789 sulfur that makerepparttar 125790 breath smell extra special!

Certain dental products have an agent that neutralizesrepparttar 125791 VSC's. Many owners have commented that their cat or dog seems to likerepparttar 125792 drinking water better when these products are added--even though they have no flavor! And there's a gel available that, although formulated forrepparttar 125793 gums, can be very soothing for skin conditions, cuts, and surgical wounds thanks torepparttar 125794 Aloe Vera it contains.

The best oral care products work withoutrepparttar 125795 use of fragrances and flavors, which entice human consumers, but don't benefit your cat or dogs health in any way!

I was a practicing dentist for over 20 years, and I saw a lot of human patients who had terrible breath (and periodontal disease) and weren't even aware of it. People don't like to tell each other about bad breath. Evenrepparttar 125796 dentist has to be delicate with this piece of bad news.

At least when dealing with a pet, you don't have to worry about social embarrassment in order to address your dogs health problem! Don't be shy, get in there and do something about it. Not only can your dog get rid of her breath odor, but she could even live 2 to 5 years longer as a result. And you'll be able to get close again, without holding your breath.

Copyright 2004 Carolyn Schweitzer DDS. Dr. Schweitzer was a family dentist for 20 years and is now owner and editor of several websites. You can learn more about specific dental care products by visiting her website at

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