Written by Timothy L. Drobnick Sr.

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We are building a business on basic sound business strategies. Demand for our product which creates customers supply of our product that creates profits, good will of repparttar customer, fair compensation to distributors, a product that is worth more thanrepparttar 123912 money we charge for it, friendship among our distributors and customers, motivation to provide more to society than we take from it.

We are not building overnight get rich quick success fantasies, also a drug torepparttar 123913 mind but a destructive one. The hope for quick riches takes away motivation andrepparttar 123914 ability to use your resources to be productive. In order to fit intorepparttar 123915 big picture, a good long lasting business must be producing a product or service that is needed by society. If you have not reason to do this, your chances of success are very small.

But let me clarify success. Success is really not an object to be obtained, but it isrepparttar 123916 person you become and are. Actually, you are successfulrepparttar 123917 day you decide to follow your dreams, and take action to do it. Once you have started your journey, you are enjoying success. Success includesrepparttar 123918 learning and self improvement process of obtaining a goal,repparttar 123919 improvement of your character as you work to obtain your goal,repparttar 123920 hope you have andrepparttar 123921 good service and products you provide in your process of obtaining your goal.

There is one reward of success that is given to yourepparttar 123922 first day you start your journey towards obtaining your goal, and that isrepparttar 123923 wonderful emotion of hope. This gift of nature is yours fromrepparttar 123924 moment you decide to start your journey.

POINTS OF HOPE: I would like to help provide hope throughrepparttar 123925 opportunities I can offer with P.E.E.L.

1. We have a product that has a demand, this creates hope because you know that a fair exchange of money will take place.

2. We have a philosophy that many people support, andrepparttar 123926 good will you receive from your customers because of this provides hope that customers will continue to purchase from you, and bring their friends to you also.

3. We allow a generous profit margin that provides hope of profits.

5. We want to make a difference, and this providesrepparttar 123927 hope thatrepparttar 123928 world will be a better place because you were here.

Starting your P.E.E.L. ISP business will reward you with hoperepparttar 123929 first day you start because you understand these points of hope, and believe in them. You believe in them because they are philosophies and techniques that are true and proven overrepparttar 123930 eons of time.

Hope is one ofrepparttar 123931 great rewards I hope to provide to you.

Look around you. This is your world. You can start making it intorepparttar 123932 world you want. Your hope starts now.

Your friend, Tim

Owner of P.E.E.L. Inc., has helped over 500 people set up their own local ISP business. Tim's information is published on Audio Cds and teaches at local seminars. You can get more information at FreeSeminar.biz

Loosen Up Your Mind With Gratitude

Written by Stephanie West Allen

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Why? Your thoughts are following those old, well-worn, rigid cow paths in your brain. They follow those cow trails while you are not looking. And it does not work to put roadblocks inrepparttar paths, to resist those thoughts. You have to build new roads, create new paths.

Feeling gratitude will smooth outrepparttar 123911 landscape so you can createrepparttar 123912 new paths. Replacerepparttar 123913 thoughts of sickness with thoughts of health, poverty thoughts with wealth thoughts, dread thoughts with dream thoughts. You can then build with your thoughtsrepparttar 123914 health highways and wealth byways and love lanes and self-express-ways.

Singing In The Rain

And we know that once your thoughts are followingrepparttar 123915 new paths,repparttar 123916 health and wealth and love and self-expression will manifest openly and freely in your life.

Letrepparttar 123917 feeling of gratitude rain and reign in your life. It will shower you with pleasures and treasures. It will let you see how you are a mighty, shining raindrop inrepparttar 123918 great rainfall ofrepparttar 123919 good universe. Let “thank you” be your prayer that you sing inrepparttar 123920 rain.

Gratitude Push-up

Before you go to bed, think of an incident that happened to you duringrepparttar 123921 day. Any incident. It can be as simple as eating breakfast or walkingrepparttar 123922 dog or talking to a coworker. Writerepparttar 123923 incident as if you were putting it in your memoirs or journal or autobiography. And do it this way . . .

When you write aboutrepparttar 123924 incident, revise it so it includes your having a LARGE amount of gratitude duringrepparttar 123925 incident. How? As you think aboutrepparttar 123926 incident before you write, feelrepparttar 123927 gratitude flowing intorepparttar 123928 memory. Feel yourself full of thanks. See a smile. Maybe feel a bounce in your step, peace in your shoulders, joy in your posture. Then writerepparttar 123929 incident in this revised version. Don’t worry about good style or grammar or punctuation. Simply write it.

Do this exercise for a week with a new incident from each day. I think you will be surprised at what happens to your level of gratitude during those seven days.

Stephanie West Allen, JD, is the author of _24 7 This! The Merry Method To Accelerate Success_. Excerpts at http://www.allen-nichols.com/success.cfm She coaches people in using the two Merry Maxims, WYTUG (What You Think Upon Grows) and LULU (Loosen Up, Lighten Up) to achieve health, wealthy, creativity, and harmonized relationships. Contact her at Stephanie@allen-nichols.com

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