Hoodia Gordonii Buyers Guide to the worlds most potent weight loss plant

Written by Jason Odom

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The scientific analysis goes like this - steroidal glycosides act directly uponrepparttar hypothalamus, triggering a message that blood glucose is high. This is an effect related torepparttar 131267 glucostatic mechanism of weight control. Specific receptors forrepparttar 131268 steroidal glycoside have not been identified inrepparttar 131269 rat brain, but administration of these compounds intorepparttar 131270 brain reduces food intake by a factor of up to 60 percent and increasesrepparttar 131271 content of ATP hypothalamic neurons ofrepparttar 131272 rat by up to 150 percent.

Bottom line - past animal experiments show potential mechanisms of action of hoodia components on brain signals that may regulate appetite, hunger or thirst.

The Bushmen have used hoodia as whole fresh plant or dried whole plant, withoutrepparttar 131273 flowers or roots, for thousands of years in their diet, and at times of famine, they have relied on hoodia as a staple in their diet. This shows a great precedent forrepparttar 131274 safety ofrepparttar 131275 hoodia plant. But some have said it is not enough. They say that takingrepparttar 131276 plant is notrepparttar 131277 same as takingrepparttar 131278 important parts fromrepparttar 131279 plant.

Hoodia effectsrepparttar 131280 central nervous system by exhibiting powerful feelings for weight control, where changing your behavior reduces calorie intake. The San Bushmen, and I for that matter, say it has an energizing effect. They have usedrepparttar 131281 plant during their hot and arduous hunting expeditions. This implies that hoodia supplements would be safe when combined with aerobic exercise, a major factor in promoting weight loss and health, and in combating insulin resistance.

Hoodia is not a drug. If you buyrepparttar 131282 right kind it is an all natural dietary supplement. IMPORTANT - If you haven't read our Hoodia Buyers Checklist found at http://hoodiagordoniiguide.com do so before making a purchase. We do not sell Hoodia but this guide will tell you what to look out for and where to buyrepparttar 131283 hoodia plant.

Author of best selling "Lose Weight Through Fasting" book and Hoodia Gordonii Guide to weight Loss. I have lost over 30 pounds using Hoodia thus far.

Why Most Diets Fail

Written by Nathan Latvaitis

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Now here’srepparttar kicker. Since my body is not going to want to keep using up its fat stores, it is going to adapt by lowering how many calories my body needs per day to keep itself running (RMR). One ofrepparttar 131266 main ways it accomplishes this is by eating away at it’s own muscle. Instead of requiring 2500 calories a day to keep my body running, my body will eventually adapt over a period of time and only require 1000 calories to keep running. Back when our ancestors lived they needed this calorie adaptation to survive when food was short and they were starving. The trouble is,repparttar 131267 body cannot tellrepparttar 131268 difference between starvation and dieting. Now that my body’s RMR has adjusted torepparttar 131269 new number of calories that I’m are eating, it no longer needs to use its emergency fat stores to keep itself alive. This is when your fat loss stops from a diet. In addition to this, if I decide that I want to go off of my 1000 calories a day diet and begin to eat 2500 calories a day again then there is a calorie surplus. The body does not need these extra calories so it will store them as fat. The exception to storing them as fat is whenrepparttar 131270 body needs to build muscle because it has been exposed to some type of exercise or weight lifting, and even then all ofrepparttar 131271 calories are not used for muscle growth.

Now that I have changed my RMR to 1000 calories per day, I have really wrecked my metabolism and it’s going to be harder to get to my goal of actually losing fat. That is, unless of course If I want to stay on my diet forever.

So what isrepparttar 131272 best way to lose fat without messing up my metabolism (RMR)?

A calorie deficit is required to lose weight, but eating less is notrepparttar 131273 only way to create a calorie deficit. Another safer way is to exercise. More detail can be found on this in Tom Venuto’s book “Burnrepparttar 131274 Fat, Feedrepparttar 131275 Muscle”, which is located at http://www.weight-loss-resources.com. You can also calculate your RMR at http://www.weight-loss-resources.com/calculators/rmr.html

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice from you’re a physician or your health care provider.

Nathan Latvaitis: An avid fitness researcher - helping other people realize their goals through knowledge. Nathan runs a fitness website at http://www.weight-loss-resources.com where you can find more fitness tips, articles, calculators, reviews, a message board, and more

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