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Written by Maria Marsala

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<.html> <.head> <.meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2;url=http://www.coachmaria.com/contest.html"> <./head> <.h1 align="center">*Maria's Place Redirector*<./h1> <.p align="center">We have movedrepparttar page you've saved. You will be taken to a new page immediately.

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Bonus: This program provides an on line, fill inrepparttar 118056 blanks form, that produces HTML code you've requested for your re-direct page. It's by InnerPeace.org who calls it a jumper page program. http://innerpeace.org/pagejumper.shtml

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Written by Amrit Hallan

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This is my first, hand-coded HTML page

If a tag is not going to contain many lines of code, we can haverepparttar opening and closing tags inrepparttar 118054 same line, for instance,


instead of


This applies to allrepparttar 118055 tags.

Clear till here? Now if you want to see how your page looks on your browser, load your browser, and inrepparttar 118056 URL window, typerepparttar 118057 complete path of your file, like

c: ewfolderfirstpage.html

and press enter.

See nothing? Don't get alarmed, and don't think you've goofed up big somewhere. We haven't yet put anything inrepparttar 118058 code that should come up inrepparttar 118059 browser. Yes, onrepparttar 118060 browser's window title bar, you can viewrepparttar 118061 text that you've put within .

>From now onwards, leave your browser open, and keep pressingrepparttar 118062 Refresh or Reload button to seerepparttar 118063 changes, when you make them. Just remember to saverepparttar 118064 modified file [File -> Save: Inrepparttar 118065 text editor] before refreshing.

== Step 5: ==

Now we come torepparttar 118066 body ofrepparttar 118067 page. Modify your page so that it looks like:

This is my first, hand-coded HTML page

tag tellsrepparttar 118068 browser that from now onwards,repparttar 118069 actual content ofrepparttar 118070 page will come intorepparttar 118071 picture.

We leave this section here becauserepparttar 118072 last stage of our First Page course shouldn't have an abrupt break. Inrepparttar 118073 concluding section we shall see how we can display simple text, hyperlinks and graphic files on our web page.

See you there then.

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