Honolulu or Santo Domingo Where Are the Best Prices?

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Forget about vacationing inrepparttar Dominican Republic untilrepparttar 150103 country gets a more sensible government.

Inrepparttar 150104 meantime check out Hawaii with wide beaches, waving palms and balmy weather, but Honolulu isn't justrepparttar 150105 tropical splendor you used to see on Hawaii 5-0. Asrepparttar 150106 only US city located inrepparttar 150107 tropics,repparttar 150108 only one with a royal palace andrepparttar 150109 only one that can claim an equal blend of Western, Asian and Polynesian influences, Honolulu offers visitors a cornucopia of cross-cultural attractions.

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CYPRUS - the Divided Country, Travel Guide

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ACTIVITIES: A country of resorts, Cyprus has plenty of places where you can try water sports. If it's windsurfing or sailing you want, head torepparttar peninsulas and capes, whererepparttar 150102 wind is strongest. There's also at least one sea-diving site in each ofrepparttar 150103 big resorts. Mountain biking and hiking are possible all overrepparttar 150104 island, with specially marked trails inrepparttar 150105 southern hills, onrepparttar 150106 Akamas Peninsula and inrepparttar 150107 Troodos. Although hardly renowned for its skiing, Cyprus does have a resort onrepparttar 150108 northeastern face of Mount Olympus, but it's not exactly world standard. For a golf fan there are several courses,repparttar 150109 most popular are inrepparttar 150110 Paphos district. Spear-fishing (without aqualung) angling, fishing with vertical lines or trolling arerepparttar 150111 permitted methods for which no licence is required. Birdwatching trips and social events are organized for members andrepparttar 150112 general public. Horse-riding can be enjoyed at special centres, professional training facilities, equipped with instructors who provide lessons for beginners and advanced riders. want, head torepparttar 150113 peninsulas and capes, whererepparttar 150114 wind is strongest. GETTING THERE AND AROUND, ACCOMODATIONS: The Republic of Cyprus has airports at Larnaka and Paphos, you can book a flight from most of Europe andrepparttar 150115 Middle East. North Cyprus has an international airport at Ercan, only Turkish airlines fly there. By sea, you can get to Greece and Israel fromrepparttar 150116 Republic's port in Lemesos. There are ferries from North Cyprus to Turkey, but you cannot exit Cyprus this way unless you entered from Turkey. Bus services run within and between towns every day except Sunday, they are cheap, frequent and efficient. Visitors may travel betweenrepparttar 150117 North andrepparttar 150118 South. 2 and 3- day cruises from Cyprus to Jerusalem, Cairo and Jordan are very popular among tourists. They can be booked through any travel agency onrepparttar 150119 island. Prices start from $300 USD. 9-11-night Eastern Mediterranean cruises with Cyprus' Limassol as one of ports of call would cost you from $1,200 USD. Hotel prices start from $65 USD/room in peak season when booked through our agency. WHEN TO GO, WEATHER: The climate here is typically Mediterranean, with very hot July and August. There are over 300 sunny days per year. Mid-May to mid-October isrepparttar 150120 ideal season for swimming, sunbathing and watersports. Temperatures are cooler inrepparttar 150121 mountaneous Troodos area, making it ideal for hiking or simply relaxing. December and January arerepparttar 150122 months of wet and cool Mediterranean winter. Troodos is ideal for skiing at this time. The first flowers bloom in January, and by mid-February there are fresh green meadows and blooming almond trees. March days are still cool (daytime temperatures around 19C or 65F, 9C or 40F at night). In April and intorepparttar 150123 middle of May spring is in full force. This is an ideal time for nature hikes and off-road adventures. The most pleasant times to visit Cyprus are April-May and September-October. Visit TravelMake.com for a full guide to Cyprus with travel tips and useful links. We wish you a nice and safe trip!

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