Honda Environmental Technology Advances with Honda Accord Hybrid and Honda Fuel Cell Stack

Written by Jenny McLane

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Starting and operating a vehicle in cold weather and freezing temperatures is a daunting technical barrier torepparttar mass-market application of fuel cell technology. Honda's answer to this problem isrepparttar 135797 Fuel Cell stack with its newly developed electrolyte membranes and stamped metal separator structure for improved efficiency, recycle ability, and operation over a greater range of temperatures.

Prior torepparttar 135798 FC stack's introduction inrepparttar 135799 Honda FCX, public road evaluations inrepparttar 135800 U.S and Japan is on going.

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Lights! Camera! Igintion! Why Do Carmakers Pay $600 to Place Their Autos in Movies?

Written by Jack Smith

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BMW had greater luck placing its Z3 roadster inrepparttar 1995 Bond flick “Golden Eye.” While this was a tremendous commercial success, it alienated Bond purists and Bimmer-philes alike, who agreed that while Bond would have been happy to driverepparttar 135714 larger, more powerful M5 muscle car, he wouldn’t have stepped foot inrepparttar 135715 dinky Z3.

However coveted such exposure onrepparttar 135716 big screen there’s a fine line that separatesrepparttar 135717 credible fromrepparttar 135718 contrived and audiences are quick to makerepparttar 135719 distinction. "When placement is gratuitous or clumsy neitherrepparttar 135720 product nor audiences norrepparttar 135721 moviemakers are served,” says Martin Peters, Media Relations Manager for Porsche. “Porsche is known as a high performance car but we don't seek out outlandish action stunts with Porsches flying throughrepparttar 135722 air. From our standpointrepparttar 135723 best placement shows our cars doing what they were built to do, in situations that flow naturally fromrepparttar 135724 plot and character."

Today, though Porsches are synonymous with power, speed, and sex appeal,repparttar 135725 marque has avoided being type cast. In "Mission Impossible II", it's hard to imagine Tom Cruse atrepparttar 135726 wheel of anything less than a Boxster while racing throughrepparttar 135727 mountains of Spain . Likewise, though Reese Witherspoon may first appear ditzy in "Legally Blonde", she radiates future greatness when she arrives at Harvard Law School in a pink version ofrepparttar 135728 same model. In Disney's "The Kid", Bruce Willis' fastidious tastes are evident in his sprawling, ultra modern home and his sleek black Porsche 911. In "Hollow Man", we know ueber-tekkie Kevin Bacon is going to pushrepparttar 135729 envelope of scientific research byrepparttar 135730 way he handles his 911 coupe.

However disparaterepparttar 135731 characters, says Peters, each movie expresses a different aspect ofrepparttar 135732 Porsche experience. "You have to be true to your brand. You can't be all things to all people. It helps to have a director who understands cars.”

To sayrepparttar 135733 least, that pretty much describes director David Ellis,repparttar 135734 man behind some of movie-dom's most thrilling high speed scenes in such action epics as

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