Homeopathy and Sex

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Long before Tantra or Bhakti Yoga there were many things ancients probably learned from intercourse, even more than most people do today. Today we have drugs like Viagra to enhancerepparttar longevity ofrepparttar 136996 sexual encounter. The Mayans have natural drug for this. There are so many things which keep us busy or deflect us from spiritual insight as is noted in many Eastern systems which refer torepparttar 136997 ‘busy-mind’ or samsara andrepparttar 136998 illusion of Maya.

Second degree Wiccan students who have advanced through a rigorous training in esoteric knowledge begin a quest that many would regard as perverse pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification. The partners are often involved in other committed relationships. When a man and a woman who are interested in spiritual growth combine to experiencerepparttar 136999 Tantric or Bhakti (Yoga) or ritualistic growth potential to free more than just their personal self or ego to reachrepparttar 137000 heights of spiritual or psychic possibilities; who can say what is real and what is imagined. This effort to commune with spirit is termed ‘working partners’ andrepparttar 137001 allies or guides is who they really seek to merge or work with. The imagination is undoubtedly a part ofrepparttar 137002 dynamic. It isn't necessary for them to care for each other inrepparttar 137003 way lovers do. I have not done this ‘work’.

Many people talk about 'soulmates' or 'dual flames' andrepparttar 137004 words become mere shadows ofrepparttar 137005 real potential. Atrepparttar 137006 same time sex is a dirty 'word', and act, in much of society.

What can a writer say to conveyrepparttar 137007 essence of all these things?

If I absolve myself fromrepparttar 137008 challenge of integrating these concepts, rituals and soulful realities I would simply say trust your soul and know that wherever you may go you will find something more than whatever you thought was real to begin with.

If I talk about 'la petite mort' or empathic attunements withrepparttar 137009 soul ofrepparttar 137010 partner that allowsrepparttar 137011 self to disintegrate and become part of something larger than one person; and almost dissolve inrepparttar 137012 vastness of spirit - it will only seem like prose and poetry. The phrase ‘la petite mort’ or ‘the little death’ can in fact lead to a Kundalini type experience which can cause death.

Of course, one can wax eloquent and carry on at length about any of their hopes and desires. The essence of a great working partner most probably has little to do with these aspirations and more to do withrepparttar 137013 wayrepparttar 137014 soul interpenetrates all people. The glimpses of insight gained through empathy and love with those who shared my needs are special to me and will forever stay inrepparttar 137015 part of my soul (if there is such a part) that cherishes all we were and hungers for what we could have been.

To deprecaterepparttar 137016 witch who 'draws downrepparttar 137017 moon' into their partner onrepparttar 137018 path to worship of things no one can fully know isrepparttar 137019 stuff of fearful and insecure people. That kind of bigotry without actual experience is rampant in all areas of society. It is truly justrepparttar 137020 tip ofrepparttar 137021 proverbial iceberg when one contemplates allrepparttar 137022 ways mankind has developed to separate himself from what we are collectively and what god truly wishes for us to realize. No amount of constant seeking or obsession with these pursuits will ever get a man any closer to his soul than what he was while in his mother's womb.

The joy and creativity ofrepparttar 137023 challenge to know is as great a gift as our maker can give us - except perhapsrepparttar 137024 acquiescence torepparttar 137025 soul withinrepparttar 137026 loved one you are blessed to haverepparttar 137027 chance to know and share your life with. Inrepparttar 137028 moment of creation each day as we grow and learn to be, we are forever drawn by some force that seeks greater harmony and purpose for all energy.

Many (if not most) people thinkrepparttar 137029 24 hour orgasm is like alien abductions butrepparttar 137030 EEG and other ways of measuring physical responses would convince them otherwise. A similar number of people findrepparttar 137031 misuse of Tantric Yoga byrepparttar 137032 likes of Crowley and Hubbard is tantamount to whatever is evil in man. I say they are right, but that is notrepparttar 137033 fault of Tantric Yoga. These techniques are very seductive and in some waysrepparttar 137034 participants would choose to haverepparttar 137035 experience even if they knew a great deal about it because it is a sad truism that Masters and Johnson or Kinsey are right. They say a full third of women never have an orgasm through intercourse.

Many people seldom enjoy sex and some significant number ofrepparttar 137036 rest of us are in varying stages of poor to decent ability and openness to what great learning sex can provide. It could be said that our sexual relations are a good barometer ofrepparttar 137037 state of society. I favour sex education and allrepparttar 137038 opportunities and responsibilities that go withrepparttar 137039 natural and soulful functions ofrepparttar 137040 act. It is easy to understand why some people are hesitant to have strangers teach their loved ones about sex. But Father Leo Booth is right when he notes that parents who repress their children or foist suppressive behavior upon them are just as guilty of abuse.

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Columnist in The ES Press Magazine Author of Diverse Druids Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries.com

Interpreting Tarot Cards - Part 4

Written by Maria Svensson

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Card 20 is 'Judgment'. On Judgment day, all are judged, andrepparttar way in which this judgment is metered out says as much aboutrepparttar 136966 judge asrepparttar 136967 judged. This card alerts you torepparttar 136968 need to choose - if you face a question or choice, now isrepparttar 136969 time to make up your mind. The right minded way of course is to judge without condemning, or leaving no possibility of parole (future opportunity and choice). It may also alert you that you yourself are being judged somehow, andrepparttar 136970 test is actually in how you respond torepparttar 136971 judgment, not whether you are guilty or not. Above all, Judgment means that renewal and change is at hand, and with change comes opportunity.

Finally we haverepparttar 136972 World. Associated with happiness,repparttar 136973 World is that feeling of totality we get when 'everything is ok'. This feeling is transitory - life's challenges always see to that, but when they come, they must be embraced without fear. Likerepparttar 136974 Sun,repparttar 136975 World is a positive card, and puts you on notice that your desires are indeed fulfill-able, BUT... you will need to work for them. To takerepparttar 136976 World, we must also give ourselves over into its service.

And together with card 0,repparttar 136977 Fool, that makes 22 major arcana cards. Next time, we will explorerepparttar 136978 methods of usingrepparttar 136979 cards andrepparttar 136980 patterns most suitable for fast reliable readings.

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