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Home Schooling in your RV

Written by Rooster

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History Lessons.

Plan your trip so that you follow an historical route. Followrepparttar Trail of Tears, mayberepparttar 149233 Oregon Trail. Travelrepparttar 149234 dusty pathrepparttar 149235 cowboys rode in cattle drives from Texas to Dodge City, Kansas. If you’ve gotrepparttar 149236 time, followrepparttar 149237 route of Lewis and Clark or, explorerepparttar 149238 vast expanse ofrepparttar 149239 Louisiana Purchase. What ever path you choose to follow, make sure you have plenty of supplemental materials for your young student to study. Many motor home parks have high speed internet available to their campers. Atrepparttar 149240 end of each day, have your child connect torepparttar 149241 Internet and gather information aboutrepparttar 149242 history ofrepparttar 149243 places you’ve visited.

Social Studies

Take a trip through Appalachia. Venture some distance fromrepparttar 149244 Interstate intorepparttar 149245 heart of some small town. Stop at a small store or local diner. Observerepparttar 149246 people who live and work there. Listen to their accents or, eavesdrop on a conversation. There is no better way to discover how other people live than to explore these microcosms of America. You might even want to contact local parents who also home school their children and arrange a visit to learn more about each other and compare home school curriculums.

Other Destinations

Many home schooling co-operatives hold events at various motor home parks to compare and refine home school curriculums and provide new experiences for their home schooled students. An Internet search for these home school meet ups will yield many entertaining and informative events. If you choose to make one of these trips, be prepared to have a good time and be sure to bring your favorite covered dish.

Exercises such as these are entertaining and exciting to your child and if properly presented, your young student may not even realize he is in school. But remember, as entertaining, exciting and educational as these road exercises are, they are not a replacement forrepparttar 149247 well planned curriculum and lesson plans available to parents home schooling their children.

Article Submitted by Rooster B. Rooster privately runs several News and Blog sites related to Homeschool Education . Interested in the latest Home School curriculum visit his site at http://www.homeschoolzine.com

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