Homemade projector screen - Principle & how to DIY

Written by Jacklyn Chen

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Back torepparttar bottom line, if a gray projector screen cost you $2000, definitely it is not just becauserepparttar 149052 screen color is changed from white to gray. Speaking fromrepparttar 149053 optical principle, I'm afraid there's a lot more behind. I'm guessing probably certain chemical compositions have been added torepparttar 149054 material ofrepparttar 149055 screen that changedrepparttar 149056 reflection or absorption intensity of different wavelength of light, thus changedrepparttar 149057 luster andrepparttar 149058 contrast gradient ofrepparttar 149059 entire image, that, makes uprepparttar 149060 inborn flaw of liquid crystal board after all. In addition to this, what other tricks do you think they can play? It doesn't seem to be possible withrepparttar 149061 meager knowledge of physics that I have.

It sounds more like it to throw in a 15,000 screen if your projector cost you 15,000. But adding a 15,000 screen to a 15,000 projector doesn't make much sense at all. If I have to buy a 15,000 screen, then it would simply work better if I putrepparttar 149062 money together and buy a 30,000 higher level projector to achieve better effect without any extra effort. A 15,000 screen is a crazy price to my brother-in-law (imagine his monthly income is merely 3000). Also if he buys a name brand Japanese gray screen, then he actually spend most ofrepparttar 149063 money to pay forrepparttar 149064 labor.

The ideal screen forrepparttar 149065 DLP projector that my brother-in-law purchased should be like a white wall, just letrepparttar 149066 project light reflected completely without any "reservation". He figured that he really didn't need such costly screen. So he finally decided to make one on his own.

Exactly how did he do it? You may not believe how simple and inexpensive it really was! He spent a bit over 10 (about $1.50) in a home decorating store on a self-adhesive pure white matted formica panel PVC with dim grain, cutrepparttar 149067 right size, pasted to his original background wall, that is it, flat and smooth! With such PVC screen, he doesn't need to worry aboutrepparttar 149068 'curl-up' phenomenon that may occur to a regular projector screen after around 12 years of use, he also doesn't need to worry that it would turn yellow one day due to natural oxidation. But remember it requires some pasting techniques to make it work perfectly for you. The result? Great! Here are couple of photos from him as 'evidence'.

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Try some new music!

Written by Emily Sigers

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Sure, you love country music, but is it really going to kill you to listen to some R&B? Or maybe you're all about hip-hop - who's to say you won't find a rock song you like just as well? I'm always so impressed when I hear someone list their favorite songs - andrepparttar songs actually cover several genres. Or decades! (Yes, oldies are goodies.)

Next time you hear your fave song come onrepparttar 148939 radio (you know,repparttar 148940 one you've heard over a million times), consider actually turning away from it. Head over torepparttar 148941 station you listen torepparttar 148942 LEAST - your new favorite song might be waiting for you. :)

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