Homecoming Mums - A Southern Tradition

Written by Eileen Bergen

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Homecoming Mums: The Tradition

Chrysanthemums have long beenrepparttar quintessential Fall flower, so itís not surprising that they quickly became associated withrepparttar 116135 quintessential Fall sport Ė football. Inrepparttar 116136 earliest pictures of college football games, you can pick outrepparttar 116137 mum corsages worn byrepparttar 116138 young women inrepparttar 116139 stands.

Since everything grows big in Texas, itís also not surprising that repparttar 116140 Lone Star State is credited with developingrepparttar 116141 more elaborate corsages known as homecoming mums. Inrepparttar 116142 1960ís, these wonderful concoctions could be had there for $10. Ahh,repparttar 116143 good Ďol days.

Overrepparttar 116144 years, mums were cultivated to grow bigger and bigger andrepparttar 116145 corsages grew and grew. Today,repparttar 116146 silk flower has replacedrepparttar 116147 live chrysanthemum asrepparttar 116148 centerpiece for homecoming mums. With silk flowers, repparttar 116149 only size limit to homecoming mum corsages isrepparttar 116150 size ofrepparttar 116151 wearer! Now a homecoming mum can be saved as a keepsake or recycled into next yearís new unique corsage.

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By: Eileen Bergen The Artful Crafter www.theartfulcrafter.com/craft-ideas.html

Ms Bergen has led a varied carer, first as a special education teacher and then, after getting a MBA degree, as a vice president of a major insurnce company. She has been making and selling crafts for the past 8 years.

All you need to know about the feng shui bagua map

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Family is another feng shui bagua life area and you can harmonize family boundaries by working on it, its colors are green, black and blue and its main element is water. Health, another life area represented inrepparttar feng shui bagua map, can be improved by working on that area of your house. Health colors are yellow, brown and orange, and its main elements are earth and fire.

The next feng shui bagua life area is creativity and children. Creativity and children should be harmonized when having problems with children inrepparttar 116134 family, when wishing to have children or when wishing to improve our creativity. The colors of this area are yellow and earth tones, and its element is metal. Onrepparttar 116135 other hand,repparttar 116136 colors you should use in order to improverepparttar 116137 skills and knowledge life area are black and green andrepparttar 116138 element you should add is earth.

Helpful people and travel is another feng shui bagua life area and it can be improved by usingrepparttar 116139 colors white and black and by making sure it containsrepparttar 116140 elements metal and water. The life area of career can be harmonized and improved by using blue and white inrepparttar 116141 space which corresponds to it as well as by adding some metal in it.

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