Home Video? Bring it on.

Written by David D. Deprice

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dvdSanta http://www.deprice.com/dvdsanta2.htm

dvdSanta is an All-in-One software that lets you copy, create, convert and burn your DVD movies. It can copy 9GB double layer DVD movies into a 4.7GB DVD-R disc, can turn your photos into DVD movies with Hollywood style motion effects, can convert other video formats(avi, wmv, vob, asf, DivX, Mpeg,...) into DVD video, can transfer miniDV camcorder tapes directly to DVD video.

Ok, final tip. If you want to be able to watch your home videos on Pocket PC, consider getting Poket DVD Wizard. http://www.deprice.com/pocketdvdwizard.htm

The Pocket DVD Wizard allows you to make backup copies of your personal DVDs, Mpeg, Avi and DivX® video and then play them on your Windows Mobile™ Pocket PC or Portable Media Center.

Imaginerepparttar possibilities! You can now record your favourite TV program with your DVD recorder and transfer it to your Pocket PC, then watch it later inrepparttar 148713 office, or onrepparttar 148714 beach!

The Pocket DVD Wizard is designed for Windows XP (or Windows 2000) based PCs, and Pocket Pcs running Windows Mobile™ 2003 or later. Usingrepparttar 148715 Pocket DVD Wizard you can fit over 90 minutes of compressed DVD recording, Mpeg, Avi or DivX® video on a single 128Mb memory card, then takerepparttar 148716 recording onrepparttar 148717 road. The Pocket DVD Wizard works with both standard Pocket PCs, and high resolution 640x480 VGA Pocket PCs, allowing you to selectrepparttar 148718 quality level you want, and to watchrepparttar 148719 converted video 'full screen' without black bars above and belowrepparttar 148720 picture.

David D. Deprice shares his secret tools for producing studio quality home videos at http://www.deprice.com/multimedia.htm

Digital archiving; Preparing for the worst… preparing for the future

Written by Jay Corrao – Copyright 2005

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Whether you retainrepparttar services of a professional or dorepparttar 148278 archiving yourself it is imperative to create multiple backup copies and store them in a safe place. I strongly recommend storing at least two copies in a safe deposit box at your local bank. These storage facilities are generally fire proofed, temperature and humidity controlled but you should inquire just to be safe. Another option is to take multiple copies and distribute them amongst family and friends. They should store them in a cool, dry place inrepparttar 148279 home;repparttar 148280 more people who store a copy of your digital archive,repparttar 148281 greaterrepparttar 148282 chance that it will remain undamaged over time.

As you can see having a digital archive is an excellent way to preserve your precious memorabilia. So gather up your cherished photos, slides, video, home movies, documents, etc., have them digitized and store them in a safe place. You will never be sorry you maderepparttar 148283 effort but you may regret it if you don’t.

Jay Corrao is the founder and president of Memory Archivers, a video production company based in Apple Valley Minnesota. His company specializes in wedding and event videograpy, video biographies, and consumer digital archiving.

www.memoryarchivers.com jay@memoryarchivers.com

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