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Finally, keep in mindrepparttar features you want in your seating. This will affect not only price, but ease of use, ergonomics and comfort, and ease of cleanup. Rocker and reclining seats will be more expensive, but more comfortable. Seats with cup holders inrepparttar 110016 arms may also be more expensive, but will save space by eliminatingrepparttar 110017 need for side tables, and may keep cleanup low. Viewers will have a stable place to put their drinks, rather than trying to balance them on their laps and then find a place to putrepparttar 110018 drink when they need a bathroom break. Some home theater seating even has massage units built in!

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How Has Eminem Risen to the Top?

Written by Jeff Schuman II

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In 1997 he was married with a child trying to support his family with very little cash to do it with. He went torepparttar Rap Olympics in Los Angeles hoping to winrepparttar 110015 cash prize of $1,500 for first place, but instead was spotted by a few sponsors from Interscope. Furious that he had come in second, he later found out aboutrepparttar 110016 sponsors and he gave them a copy ofrepparttar 110017 “Infinite” tape, which was later sent to Dr. Dre. Dre was extremely impressed withrepparttar 110018 talent of Eminem and got contact of him, whererepparttar 110019 two recorded his second album; The Slim Shady LP. This album setrepparttar 110020 tone for his style of rap, as he lashed out on everyone that had bullied him throughout his life. It was a different style than anyone had ever heard, which brought him to stardom.

Eminem is by farrepparttar 110021 most popular rapper that is seen most in public. He has been seen in Rap Pages, VIBE, Rolling Stone, Spin, The Source, URB and Stress and continues to strive for more. He becamerepparttar 110022 first white person to ever be onrepparttar 110023 cover of The Source. Throughout his life he has starred inrepparttar 110024 movie “8 Mile” based on his life growing up, has had over 20 guest appearances on TV, has featured on numerous different rappers CD’s, and has recorded 5 CD’s of his own. His second LP, “The Marshall Mathers LP”, sold over 8 million records inrepparttar 110025 United States alone, 1.76 million copies inrepparttar 110026 first week setting a record for a solo artist. This album becamerepparttar 110027 first rap album ever to be nominated for “Album ofrepparttar 110028 Year” atrepparttar 110029 Grammies. He would go on to win 3 Grammies forrepparttar 110030 album that night. Inrepparttar 110031 year 2002 he made $29 million in earnings of his fourth album “The Eminem Show LP” and touring for it. Then on March 23, 2003repparttar 110032 song “Lose Yourself” from his movie “8 Mile” becamerepparttar 110033 first rap song to ever win an Academy Award.

While being known for his explicit behavior and horrendous lyrics on his albums and inrepparttar 110034 eye ofrepparttar 110035 public, it is difficult to overlook all that he has achieved. Coming from where he did and rising to where he is currently, it is remarkable what he has done not only for himself, butrepparttar 110036 rap world as well. While it is hard for most to like him, there are not many that do not at least respect him for what he has achieved as of now, and what he may do inrepparttar 110037 future to come.

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