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- Have some nice music playing inrepparttar background. - Hang up some nice pictures or decorative pieces. - Put onrepparttar 100014 air condition or heater sorepparttar 100015 home is comfortable, even ifrepparttar 100016 home is vacant. - Inrepparttar 100017 kitchen clear out any dishes. - Clean work tops and remove appliances. Place as much away or in storage. - Have a bowl of fresh fruit or freshly baked bread to give that homely feeling. - Clear out any leaves, sticks garbage and clutter aroundrepparttar 100018 exterior. - Sweep patios, decking, pathways etc. - Remove traces of pets such as hair, droppings & smells.

Use this checklist so you are always ready to implement these points for your property. You should be able to get your home ready for inspection withinrepparttar 100019 hour should someone want to visit.

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Tips to improve the quality of your outdoor space and patio

Written by Nicole Martins

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Creating a sense of enclosure

Creating a sense of enclosure is a great way to make your outdoor space more intimate; it is also a great way to create separation and privacy from your neighbors. Think ofrepparttar walls and ceilings inside your home:repparttar 100013 walls arerepparttar 100014 vertical plane andrepparttar 100015 ceiling isrepparttar 100016 overhead plane. Outdoors these vertical and overhead planes help createrepparttar 100017 foundations to an outdoor room. While you donít want to overdo it or completely enclose your outdoor space, adding elements: shrubs, trees, arbors, trellises pergolas and such in a careful way can improverepparttar 100018 atmosphere of your patio space.

Buying patio furniture and accessories Once youíve measured your outdoor space, donerepparttar 100019 site analysis and figured outrepparttar 100020 area where you will be putting your outdoor furniture itís time to begin reviewing outdoor furniture and accessory options. If your patio is very small, you may only want to buy 1 or 2 chairs or loungers for conversation and relaxing, and a small bistro table with chairs for snacking. If your space is large, you may be looking for a larger seating arrangement: sofas, chairs, coffee tables, in one area and a patio set with umbrella in another. There are many options and styles available and you can learn more aboutrepparttar 100021 materials and brands available by visiting a local patio furniture store or by shopping online. Popular furniture materials include: outdoor wicker, teak, wrought iron, cast aluminum, recycled plastic and casual aluminum. You can buy this furniture individually or as a set such as a dining table complete with chairs. With many patio furniture options to choose from you can easily create an outdoor space that will be well used. Additional outdoor decorating accessories such as patio lamps, fire pits, garden arbors and trellises, and outdoor heaters fit in well to create a great atmosphere outdoors as well as being extremely functional. For example, outdoor heaters will greatly extend your time outside, allowing for more time to enjoy yourself outdoors later into fall, and earlier into spring. Outdoor fireplaces such as: chimeneas, fire pits or even a gas outdoor fireplace create a great atmosphere and focal point, as wellrepparttar 100022 opportunity to grill, heat, or just enjoy hanging out byrepparttar 100023 fire.

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