Home Run Baseball Photography Tips

Written by Andrew Malek

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7) Whenrepparttar opening lineup starts, look atrepparttar 143161 dugout. If you're rooting forrepparttar 143162 home team,repparttar 143163 beginning ofrepparttar 143164 game is a great time to get player photographs as they are running out ontorepparttar 143165 field. If not, take photographs duringrepparttar 143166 middle ofrepparttar 143167 inning. If you don't getrepparttar 143168 perfect photo, delete bad photographs during lull times and try later duringrepparttar 143169 game.

8) To take a picture of a swinging batter that will last a lifetime, dorepparttar 143170 following:

*) Preparation isrepparttar 143171 key. First, beforerepparttar 143172 game, know how to operate your digital camera. Practice focusingrepparttar 143173 camera and quickly deleting unused photos - sometimes you can delete an unwanted photo before it is completely saved torepparttar 143174 camera's memory.

*) Beforerepparttar 143175 pitch, focus your viewfinder onrepparttar 143176 batter's box and try not to cut out any ofrepparttar 143177 batter's body. Zoom in as appropriate, but rememberrepparttar 143178 more you zoom in,repparttar 143179 slowerrepparttar 143180 potential shutter speed needed to take a clear photo.

*) Anticipate shutter lag. Lock your focus beforerepparttar 143181 pitch; this usually is done by pressingrepparttar 143182 shutter button down half-way.

*) Time it... time it... then as soon asrepparttar 143183 ball is about to hitrepparttar 143184 bat, press down fully onrepparttar 143185 shutter button.

*) Ifrepparttar 143186 pitch is a strike orrepparttar 143187 swing is not one to be remembered, cancelrepparttar 143188 save so your picture is not written to memory. This way, you can save room for other photos.

9) Look around for photo opportunities not directly related torepparttar 143189 action. Take a photograph ofrepparttar 143190 grounds crew cleaningrepparttar 143191 bases and rakingrepparttar 143192 dirt between innings. Get a few shots ofrepparttar 143193 crowd. Take a picture ofrepparttar 143194 scoreboard. Look atrepparttar 143195 surrounding area. If you want to rememberrepparttar 143196 full experience of a baseball game years from now, you should take advantage of one ofrepparttar 143197 best features of a digital camera -repparttar 143198 ability to take lots and lots of photographs - and shoot photographs showcasingrepparttar 143199 FULL baseball experience.

10) Take a break duringrepparttar 143200 game! You came torepparttar 143201 baseball game to enjoyrepparttar 143202 spectacle, not just to take pictures, right? Designate a few innings as photo-free time where you just sit back, munch on a hot dog, drink a soda, and soak inrepparttar 143203 environment.

Remember to study your digital camera manual first and practice, practice, practice! Follow these ten tips and you'll be on your way to taking "home run" baseball photographs in no time.

Copyright 2005 Andrew Malek.

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Review of the Original Dance from the 2005 World Figure Skating Championships

Written by Laura

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12) Kerr/Kerr (11, 50.71) There's still a fairly sizable gap between her skills and his, although he has improved. They have nice foxtrot expression. Theirs twizzles inrepparttar sbs footwork was very messy towardsrepparttar 143160 end. Their quickstep was fine, but not quite as good asrepparttar 143161 foxtrot.

13) Gregory/Petukhov (12, 50.22) I gotrepparttar 143162 advice to only watch him, not her, and I enjoyed them much more than usual. Interpret that as you want. Of course, then I missedrepparttar 143163 mistake she made onrepparttar 143164 twizzles duringrepparttar 143165 sbs footwork, which also lacked flow. Decent Charleston expression. Too much stroking in foxtrot section.

14) Kulikova/Novikov (14, 48.72) She did best withrepparttar 143166 quickstep, while he shone inrepparttar 143167 foxtrot. Second quickstep had very little traditional quickstep character. They had a slightly messy quality overall.

I did not rankrepparttar 143168 rest ofrepparttar 143169 teams.

Hoffman/Elek (17, 45.34) They start with a foxtrot, which was absolutely lovely and really capturedrepparttar 143170 rhythm. The quickstep was very good too, but did not quite work as well asrepparttar 143171 foxtrot. And somebody needs to teach Atilla to twizzle, because I'm sick of him messing those up, as he did onrepparttar 143172 sbs footwork. And then he had trouble lifting Nora onrepparttar 143173 final lift, although a portion of that can probably be blamed on her 472346 pound dress. But overall, this was a very nice OD.

Gudina/Beletski (18, 42.85) They start off with an enthusiastic Charleston. Butrepparttar 143174 foxtrot was dull, with little difficulty. And unfortunately they could not pick uprepparttar 143175 energy level withrepparttar 143176 final quickstep section, to Dancing Fool of all songs.

Watanabe/Kido (15, 46.57) A very good and in-character quickstep. Diagonal footwork could flow better. Their foxtrot was good, but not quite as in character asrepparttar 143177 quickstep. He has some trouble withrepparttar 143178 last lift.

Grebenkina/Azronjan (16, 46.02) Great energy, and their movements are very dance-y and fitrepparttar 143179 quickstep well. Their foxtrot is to extremely odd music - just a rhythm and no melody. But they end with another well-done quickstep section.

Beier/Beier (20, 41.66) Very cute and charming, with a good ballroom interpretation ofrepparttar 143180 rhythms.

Kauc/Zych (22, 40.92) Fabulous foxtrot expression. Twizzles during sbs footwork were messy. Basic skating is very good. This program lackedrepparttar 143181 falls that their programs usually have, but it also lackedrepparttar 143182 energy and attack. Their quickstep expression is also very nice.

Pechalat/Bourzat (23, 40.71) They start with a very charming and well characterized Charleston. But she takes a bad fall duringrepparttar 143183 sbs footwork. Their musicality inrepparttar 143184 foxtrot was good, butrepparttar 143185 choreography wasn't very ballroom. They fixed that during a great quickstep section.

Yang/Gao (19, 42.67) Decent foxtrot. She hits a lovely position duringrepparttar 143186 lift. She's very charming. Charleston is nice too. He looks to have trouble rotatingrepparttar 143187 final lift.

Golovina/Voika (21, 41.57) They start with movements that seem to exaggerated forrepparttar 143188 more subtle foxtrot rhythm. But they still have good musicality and energy. Decent quickstep, but againrepparttar 143189 movements don't fitrepparttar 143190 rhythm very well.

Munana/Munana (25, 36.31) As sick as I am of Chicago ODs, this one was great. Both rhythms, especiallyrepparttar 143191 Charleston, were interpreted fabulously. Both skaters sparkled. They clearly do not haverepparttar 143192 technical ability ofrepparttar 143193 top teams, but if they can ad technical content inrepparttar 143194 future, they most definitely will be contenders.

Akimova/Shakalov (29, 31.35) Very polished, but little else going for them. He tripped onrepparttar 143195 sbs footwork. Diagonal footwork is . Their musicality is pretty good.

Aureli/Vaturi (24, 38.66) They start off with a lot of dancing in place. They have somewhat poor ice coverage onrepparttar 143196 sbs steps. But they have a good understanding of bothrepparttar 143197 quickstep and foxtrot. Unfortunately, they really lack in technical content.

Haunstetter/Hoenlein (27. 33.00) Chicago. Again. But they have a very good Charleston, and his foot position duringrepparttar 143198 lift was fabulous. Ugly and out-of-sync twizzles. The rest ofrepparttar 143199 sbs wasn't much better. They looked like they were skating two different programs duringrepparttar 143200 sbs steps. He is terrific.

Buck/Nelson-Bond (28, 32.85) Good Charleston expression. Pretty good speed through diagonal footwork. She hits great positions in their lifts. Their weakness seems to be basic skating. They also had unison trouble onrepparttar 143201 sbs footwork.

Keller/Keller (26, 33.23) Really weird Charleston music. Decent musicality. Their program is very empty. They also lacked energy. Their quickstep expression wasrepparttar 143202 best ofrepparttar 143203 three rhythms.

Galcheniuk/Krupen (30, 28.14) Most of their skating is decent. Their programs aren't empty, and their musical interpretation is okay. Plus, they have nice energy. Unfortunately, nothing about their skating is anything better than decent, especially their basic skating.

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