Home Office Tip 2...Computer Health Hazards!

Written by BB Lee

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Exercise Tip: Try exercising atrepparttar computer. Rotate your wrist in circles for several minutes. Give them a brisk massage afterwards.

Back Problems. Make sure your desk chair is adjusted properly. It should fitrepparttar 117410 contours of your back and you should be able to move about easily. Many back problems are caused by badly structured chairs.

Exercise Tip: Stand and stretch gently palms overhead torepparttar 117411 sky. Hold for a few seconds and then relax. This will loosen up tense back muscles.

Blurred Vision: Make sure your light sources are not reflected off your monitor's screen. Glare and refection offrepparttar 117412 monitor can cause eye problems leading to blurred vision.

Exercise Tip: Roll your eyes up and then look down. Blink and then close your eyes. Do this several times to relieve strain. Remember to look away from your monitor frequently and to take more breaks to rest your eyes

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How Much is Your TIme Worth?

Written by Jean Hanson

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Yes, you may be spending some of your hard-earned money on something you might be able to do yourself, but think of how much you’ll gain by letting go ofrepparttar things that really don’t need your personal attention.

Partnering with a VA is an ideal solution for many entrepreneurs. It allows them to make more money and grow their business, not to mentionrepparttar 117409 fact that they now have a business “partner” that is interested inrepparttar 117410 success of their business. After all, when a VA’s client is successful,repparttar 117411 VA is successful too!

Have you figured out how much your time is worth yet? What are you waiting for?

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