Home Loans – Repair Your Credit Before You Buy

Written by Charles Essmeier

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just takes time.

The way to repair your credit record is to start paying your bills on time and paying off your debt. More than one third of your credit score is determined by your past ability to pay bills and to pay them on time. Start doing so now. It may take a year or two, but steadily paying your bills without making any late payments goes a long way towards repairing a credit score. Another third of your score is determined by your ratio of debt to available credit. If your credit cards are maxed out, you need to pay off or pay down your balances. It’s tough to obtain a loan when you are already in debt torepparttar gills.

Stop using your credit cards, if possible. Don’t cancel them; just stop using them, particularly if you have a balance to pay off. You want to reduce your debt. Pay cash when you can. And check your credit report for problems. You can obtain a copy for free fromrepparttar 151187 free credit report Website.

Repairing your credit record takes time and discipline. There is no quick solution other than paying your bills, paying them on time, and waiting forrepparttar 151188 damage to heal. After that, you should be in good shape to obtain your home or car of your dreams.

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Auto Loan Borrower's Cheat Sheet

Written by Joel Walsh

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• Have bad credit? Try going to your credit union, bank or another institution where you have a relationship. Lenders like to help out established customers. If your bank still won’t help, online “bad credit auto loan” lenders usually offer better less expensive loans than dealers who advertise their great deals for people with poor credit.

• Use a vehicle loan calculator. It will tell you what your loan will cost each month. It saves yourepparttar time of looking at vehicles you can’t afford, makes you aware of what information you’ll need to apply for a loan, and is a “reality check” of your financial condition.

• Comparison shop, comparison shop, comparison shop. You don’t getrepparttar 151181 least expensive car by choosing a dealer at random, and you won’t getrepparttar 151182 least expensive auto loan that way, either.

Joel Walsh is a regular contributor to cars-auto-loans.com, where you can get information on car loan lenders, use a vehicle loan calculator, and find the best auto loan: http://cars-auto-loans.com?%20auto%20loan [Web publication requirement: create live link for the URL/web address using "auto loan" as visible link text/anchor text.]

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