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Written by Matthew Seigneur

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You must also considerrepparttar acoustics of your home theater design. Having thick carpeting onrepparttar 110019 floor, hangings onrepparttar 110020 wall, and thick upholstery onrepparttar 110021 chairs will help. Using these things can helprepparttar 110022 acoustics immensely and may also removerepparttar 110023 need for an acoustical diffuser. However, if they do now, you may want to think about applying acoustical foam where looks are not a concern, or purchasing diffusers to use around surround sound speakers to create a more natural sound.

Finally, positioning of your seating and equipment will have a large impact on your home theater design. Seating should be placed inrepparttar 110024 rear center of your home theater, facingrepparttar 110025 center ofrepparttar 110026 screen - exact arrangement will depend onrepparttar 110027 size and shape ofrepparttar 110028 room. Front speakers should be placed in a straight line in front ofrepparttar 110029 seating and centered on it. Surround speakers should be placed alongside and torepparttar 110030 rear ofrepparttar 110031 seating onrepparttar 110032 walls, a few feet up above whererepparttar 110033 viewer's heads will be.

With proper planning and careful thought, you can achieve great home theater design, and getrepparttar 110034 best movie viewing experience for your money.

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Movie Review - Shrek 2

Written by Chris N. Fernando

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Banderas is excellent with his Spanish accent that suits right with Puss in Boots's profile and also again gets a chance to play Zorro.

Throughoutrepparttar movie you can find nasty references to movies like Spider-Man, The Wizard of Oz, The Lord ofrepparttar 110018 Rings, The Matrix and Charlie's Angels. The original sound tracks ofrepparttar 110019 film are music to ears, andrepparttar 110020 computer animation - gorgeous!

Though its only rarely that an idea of a sequel works, in this case,repparttar 110021 storyline picks up seamlessly fromrepparttar 110022 first film and doesn't feel forced at all. Shrek 2 is downright funny and wonderful - a must-see forrepparttar 110023 young andrepparttar 110024 old.

Chris N. Fernando is a Sr. Staff Writer with Magazine 360 - an IT magazine published by ITNation, Mumbai (India). He has also worked as Technical Editor with Peer Technical Services and as Reporter for PCQuest and Living Digital magazines. He also writes for The Cheers.com.

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