Home Business Tip: Clean It Up!

Written by Maria Marsala

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time. When you know that everything works, you can just use it and put it back where it belongs. When you know that everything you own is clean, sewn, or works at 100%, you worry less, think about those things less, and have more energy to dorepparttar things you enjoy!

It's never too late to do spring or holiday cleaning!

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Where should I start?

Written by Chuck McCullough

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"This is my new website and I'm proud of it!"

Join an affiliate program... it doesn't matter which one, just figure out how to join one and join it.

Go back and modify your web page withrepparttar information they gave you when you signed up forrepparttar 117619 affiliate program.

Once you have done this, open your browser and try to find your new website.

Can you find it? If not, figure out why. Readrepparttar 117620 help section of your website host.

Once you find your website, go back and changerepparttar 117621 font on your page, bold some words, add a banner promotingrepparttar 117622 affiliate program you joined.

Moverepparttar 117623 banner torepparttar 117624 bottom ofrepparttar 117625 page instead ofrepparttar 117626 top. Just make changes to try and make it look better.

Add more content. What content? It doesn't matter, just talk about your favorite subject for a while: Fishing, skateboarding, racing cars, comic books, whatever.

After you have done this, figure out how to add Meta tags to your website with keywords and a description of what it is about.

When you have done this, go to every search engine you can possibly find and figure out what you have to do to submit your new web page.

Did you do this yet?

If so, you are now on your way to making money onrepparttar 117627 Internet.

Did I just tell you that your new web page is going to make you money?

Nope. The exercise that I had you follow took you from start to finish of creating and promoting a web page.

I intentionally left outrepparttar 117628 little details because THAT is what is going to get you on your way to making money online.

Having to go and figure out how to do each of those steps is where you will start to build your foundation for future wealth making.

The only way you are going to getrepparttar 117629 chance to do this is to get started right now... then as you learn more, you will start to figure out what it takes to earn money online.

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