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Written by BB Lee

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Remember your real competition is yourself.

You arerepparttar one pushing yourself to achieve new goals.

You arerepparttar 117283 one who knows your limits.

You arerepparttar 117284 one who will motivate yourself even further to home business success.

And ultimately you arerepparttar 117285 one you will have to satisfy.

Keep your eye on your personal goal and stop trying to keep pace with others in your field.

Always strive to do your very best. And take pride in all your accomplishments, be they large or small.

And remember a slow and steady pace will eventually win repparttar 117286 race to home business success.

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Written by Anacleto Marchi

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4. Give away some work. If giving away your expertise means increasing your exposure, strongly consider it. You are *building* a reputation. There is nothing wrong or manipulative in trading work for exposure, rather than cash. Sometimes a good word from an influential customer pays bigger dividends thanrepparttar best advertising.

5. Be everywhere at once. Oh, if only wishing made it so. The Internet can get you close. If you market online, participate in several question and answer forums or newsgroups where decision makers and people of influence hang out. Choose your answers very carefully, but answer every question you can, always bringing home repparttar 117282 message that you arerepparttar 117283 best choice. If you market offline, consider adjusting your budget to have a presence in each medium (TV, radio, print, billboard) to reachrepparttar 117284 widest possible audience.

6. Listen and follow up. If you give your product or service (or even advice) to someone, follow up to see how it worked out. Be brief and humble, but follow up to make sure you are onrepparttar 117285 mark. When you do this you not only evaluaterepparttar 117286 quality of what you have given, you have an excellent opportunity to see how it effects real people inrepparttar 117287 real world.

7. This should have beenrepparttar 117288 first point, but make sure you *know* your stuff. 'Nothing' can replacerepparttar 117289 good will you create when you do your very best work for every client or friend.

If you really know your stuff, and are willing to invest some time, you can becomerepparttar 117290 natural choice for solving problems that arise in your field. When those calls come, you can begin to build an endless chain of referrals that will carry your business to new heights.


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Six essential qualities that arerepparttar 117291 key to success: Sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom, charity.

- Dr. William Menninger

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