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Written by Donna Sweat

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Title: Trials and Tribulations of a Confused Computer- Be aware your pc can break down at any given time and without notice. Just a list of those little bugs and ideas to keep your pc in shape for business. mailto:confusedpc@getresponse.com

Title: What's in a Listing? Do a Search of your Site or Ezine. Have you ever done a search for your ezine? This article relates to some ofrepparttar stumbling blocks you will find when doing so. mailto:mylisting@getresponse.com

Title: Does Your Site Qualify for a Web Site Award? Have you ever tried for a website award? It brings prestige to a business and makes your customers have more faith in you. This article will help you change or upgrade your website to qualify forrepparttar 117837 prestigious award. mailto:websiteaward@getresponse.com

The following articles are written by a home-based publisher/editor. Donna Sweat has a home business website, and free newsletter. She also offers proofreading, editing, and typing services and writes home-business related articles.Also listed here are affiliate programs, low-cost classifieds, and an ezine list. You may email her at mailto:donna@sosbbs.com or visit her site at http://www.homebiandmore.homestead.com

Are you thinking of giving up?

Written by Tammy Henderson

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I do admit that I have learned more inrepparttar last four months that I have inrepparttar 117836 last 4 years. I have learned marketing, promotion, self-discipline, communication and many other skills I didnít have before I started this. I have made mistakes but I know that everyone makes mistakes and smart people learn from them so I guess that makes me a genius. Wow, I have come a long way.

I do believe inrepparttar 117837 businesses that I have chosen. I donít really want to give up. I am intelligent, I have courage and I love this World Wide Web. I knowrepparttar 117838 key to my success is out there somewhere, if I keep working hard. Frankly, this is where I want to be. Does this sound familiar? Do you love being onrepparttar 117839 Internet?

Be patient; rememberrepparttar 117840 excitement you had when you started this endeavor. You know success is possible; people with less intelligence and less drive are doing it everyday. Did you forget that Rome wasnít built in a day? Did you forget that most businesses take years to build? Are you really doingrepparttar 117841 recommended steps that your sponsors have given you? Did you really think this was going to happen in weeks? Are you honestly doing all you can to succeed? Letís start today!!

I have been online since February, 2001, learning marketing and sales techniques and love to pass on any info that might help others. Currently, I'm having great marketing success with 10 Minutes A Day Marketing plan http://www.10minutesaday.net/members/thdesigns/index.shtml

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