Home Biz Publicity With 100% Auto Tax Deduction!

Written by Dawn Roberts

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Now that you understandrepparttar huge reach of this type of advertising, let's look atrepparttar 124427 financial benefits. Aside fromrepparttar 124428 ability to write offrepparttar 124429 cost ofrepparttar 124430 sign, you can claim all of your automobile expenses while your sign is displayed. Think about that financial benefit - gas, fluid, service, insurance, depreciation, loan interest, lease interest! This is huge! And how much does it cost to advertise on your car? Next to nothing!

Take a look at webdecal.com. They have some unbeatable prices on static clings, adhesive vinyl lettering, and bumper stickers! And their quick service is impeccable! It's really as easy as typing in your tag line, URL, and phone number (if you wish) and your sign will be mailed to you right away! Oh! I almost forgot - they take PayPal, too!

And for those of you that don't want a permanent sign or a magnet on your car, static clings arerepparttar 124431 way to go. They adhere with simple static electricity, which means you can take them off and re-apply whenever you like. But remember, you can only take deductions forrepparttar 124432 time you are actively advertising on your car.

Look, for a mere thirty dollars, you'll receive thousands of dollars worth of legitimate tax deductions and some great advertising, to boot! You'd be crazy not to advertise on your car!

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Offline Advertising Tips

Written by Anita DeFrank

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1) Offer a discount (ex. 10%, 15%, 20% off) for their first purchase. 2) Offer one product at full price andrepparttar second off.


1) Have them email/call/mail you for an entry to a free contest. Use your products asrepparttar 124426 prize. (Be sure to offer an additional discount forrepparttar 124427 winner.)

--->You've gain interest, now what? Once you've had someone contact you with some interest in your business/products be sure to keep in contact back.

->First of all reply to them in a timely manner and be sure to thank them for their interest. ->Next, offer them yet another form of a discount. ->If they are requesting a free sample, free catalog, entry into a contest or any other form of interest offer them a discount of 10% off their next order. ->If you have a newsletter/ezine make sure you ask them if you can add them to your mailing list to receive announcements of discounts/specials/contests first hand. ->When you've sent off their free sample/free catalog/order/prize be sure to contact them again in a few days. Let them know that you wanted to make sure they received it and that everything was okay. Ask them for any thoughts/questions about it. Let them know that they can contact you for anything.

Anita DeFrank is a busy work at home mom who specializes in helping others become successful home business owners. Visit her site MommysHelperOnline.com for more information how you can too.

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