Home Based Business Or Lottery Ticket?

Written by Jeff Pritchard

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Do you rememberrepparttar line from "The Matrix"..."There is no spoon". Well, this is similar..."There is no money tree". Get that straight, and everything else falls into place. Does this website make claims that amount to trying to sell you a money tree? Could you easily translate their catch line into "send us some money and we will give you something that pays you thousands of dollars a month"? No mention of any work on your part. You just sit around and sip exotic drinks byrepparttar 144252 pool whilerepparttar 144253 money rolls in. Never existed, never will. If somebody did own an orchard full of money trees, you would never hear about it. Why would he want to sell you one?

Now that I've painted such a dreary picture of your chances for home based business success, I need to tell you that people can and do make money from home grown businesses. But they have to work at it. It takes work to build a real business. It takes work and know-how. On my site, I bust wide openrepparttar 144254 myths of this industry and provide allrepparttar 144255 know-how you need to build a real and profitable and sustainable business from home in your spare time.

If that sounds like too much work...there is alwaysrepparttar 144256 lottery.

Home Based Business Success

Jeff Pritchard is a successful online entrepreneur with several successful websites. His most recent site shows you how to benefit from all of his online mistakes: Home Based Business Success

7 Steps to an Online Home Based Business

Written by Trent Brownrigg

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There are many more rules of website design but those are some ofrepparttar basic ones that you need to worry about for now. This step is something you will always be keeping up on. Make sure you continue to learn, tweak, test, and build your site.

5) Uploading files to your site – So you have built a few pages for your new site, now what do you do? Well, you have to upload them to your web host. Typically this will be done using "FTP". Now you are probably thinking, "Whatrepparttar 144251 heck is that?" Well, don’t worry about allrepparttar 144252 technical stuff. In simple terms it is a way to getrepparttar 144253 files, or pages, that you just built onto your website and "live" torepparttar 144254 world.

You can just ask your web host for your FTP information or do some searching aroundrepparttar 144255 frequently asked questions in your control panel and you should be able to find this out fairly easily. Once you do it is simply a matter of putting inrepparttar 144256 information into an FTP client and watching it upload to your web site.

6) Putting your business on autopilot – This is big step in creating a successful online home based business because it keeps you from being completely consumed by it and actually allows you to enjoy your new found freedom.

One ofrepparttar 144257 recipes to creating a successful online home based business is to automate as many things as possible. This will save yourself time to do things you do best and actually enjoy your business.

One ofrepparttar 144258 best ways to do this is with an autoresponder. An autoresponder pretty much defines itself. It will automatically send out your emails at intervals that you set.

A great way to utilize autoresponders is to write up an e-course and/or a weekly newsletter, and then copy/paste those messages into your autoresponder, setrepparttar 144259 days you want your prospects to receive them, and voila… it's on autopilot. You will want to have a form on your website for your visitors to subscribe to it. They will put in their name and email address and you will have a prospect to email to over and over again.

I have used many different autoresponders since I started my home based business and I can tell you without a doubt that my favorite is Aweber. I use them to this day and highly recommend them. You can find them at: http://www.aweber.com/?202740

7) Automatingrepparttar 144260 sales process – The last thing you need to do to get your online home based business up and going is to setup your ordering process, so visitors to your website can buy whatever product you are selling.

The very first, and most common way people sell digital products, like ebooks and software, from their sites, is to use a 3rd party merchant called clickbank.

You can find them at http://www.ClickBank.com

Setting up an account with them is pretty darn easy to do and is quite a bit cheaper than getting a merchant account for your self. Just follow their instructions. They are well known and respected so you should feel safe with them.

Alrighty, that’s all there is to it. Seven steps to getting your new online home based business set up and going strong. I will admit that forrepparttar 144261 complete beginner it may not be as easy as it sounds but it is not rocket science either. You could honestly have all this done in just a day or two. Do some reading, learning, a little bit of guessing, and jump right in. Your online home based business will take be up and running before you know it.

If you have any questions I will be happy to help. You can find a link to contact me atrepparttar 144262 bottom of my website (see resource box below).

Trent Brownrigg is a successful internet marketer and home business mentor. Visit his Home Based Business Opportunity website at http://www.home-business-team.com and he will personally help you succeed with your own home business. Please subscribe to his “Biz Tips” Newsletter by sending a blank email to: workathomebiz@aweber.com

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